If you Remove Someone on Snapchat and add them back

Have you ever been caught in the awkward dilemma of removing a friend on Snapchat, only to regret the decision later and desire to re-add them discreetly?

Rest assured, you’re not alone! Numerous Snapchat users share the concern of whether their friends receive notifications when they are removed and then added back to the friends’ list.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation and are contemplating re-adding a friend on Snapchat without raising suspicions, it’s understandable to be curious about how notifications work in these scenarios.

How Unfriending on Snapchat Works

Removing connections on Snapchat, often called “unfriending,” removes you from seeing someone’s public stories or interacting with them on the app. When you unfriend someone, they also get removed from your connections and can no longer view your public Stories or Snap you either. It severs the friend link on both sides.

Unfriending only affects public-facing connections though. Any private chats and memories remain unaffected even if you remove the person. 

So all your one-on-one chats and saved media will still be accessible if you choose to be friends again later. Re-adding them restores the public connections.

Does Snapchat Notify When You Remove or Unfriend Someone?

Does Snapchat Notify When You Remove or Unfriend Someone

No, Snapchat does not actively notify someone if you unfriend or remove them from your connections. One moment they can view your public Story or Snap you, and the next that access disappears without a word from Snapchat itself.

However, while Snapchat won’t say anything directly, most users will notice when a friend vanishes from their connections list. 

They might ask mutual friends if you deleted your account or try messaging you to see if it goes through. So don’t assume removing them means they won’t ever know.

If you Remove Someone on Snapchat and Re-Add Them, will they know?

If you remove a Snapchat friend and later re-add them, they will get notified of the new friend request just like any user adding another for the first time. Snapchat treats a re-add as a brand new connection instead of a restored one.  

So yes, any user you deleted previously and attempt to befriend again will see the standard notification of your friend request. 

At that point, whether they remember you from before depends on the person and your prior relationship. But the app does inform them directly about the request itself.

Managing Your Privacy Settings on Snapchat

Snapchat includes robust privacy tools to control who views your Stories and contacts you. Understanding these options helps manage your profile when re-adding old connections.

Who Can View My Stories

Snapchat’s main privacy setting governs who can see your public Stories:

  • My Friends: Only users in your Friends list access your Story
  • My Friends Except: Block specific friends from viewing story 
  • Everyone: Public profile – anyone on Snapchat can view

The first option limits visibility from those you remove, unless re-added.

Who Can Contact Me

Another important setting manages who can Snap and Chat you directly:

  • My Friends: Your Friends list can contact you  
  • My Friends Except: Friends minus chosen exclusions
  • No One: You cannot receive Snaps or Chats  

This prevents unwanted communication from formerly removed ties.

Blocked Users List

For complete privacy, the Blocked Users section bans specific accounts from any contact with you on Snapchat:

  • Viewing your Stories
  • Messaging you Snaps or Chats
  • Searching for your account

Once blocked, even if re-added as Friends, a user remains unable to interact with you.

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Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode stops your Friends from seeing your location on the Snap Map. It hides your live position from everyone except those you choose.

Communicate Clearly When you Re-Add a Snapchat Friend

Communicate Clearly When you Re-Add a Snapchat Friend

Human relationships often change over time. Someone you deleted weeks or months ago may not remain on bad terms forever. If you wish to reconnect on Snapchat, clear communication about why can make re-adding them go more smoothly.

Here are some tips for transparently explaining a re-add:

Acknowledge the prior removal

Don’t ignore that you deleted them before. Kindly recognize you severed the social media ties and now wish to restore them.

Briefly explain why you removed them originally  

If the reason was temporary disagreement or external life factors, summarize it neutrally without accusation. This context helps them understand.

Note what has changed from that situation

If your outlook shifted or circumstances improved, express this to highlight why reconnecting now makes sense when it didn’t before.

Keep it casual and positive  

Avoid lengthy apologies or emotional speeches. The goal is welcoming them back to your social circle, not relitigating the past.

Suggest moving forward

Propose meeting in person to catch up or share your recent favorite Stories. Guide the dialogue toward current positives. With an emphasis on openness over awkwardness, you can smoothly recover an old Snapchat friendship.

Is There a Way to Add Someone on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

No, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to secretly add someone or prevent notification when requesting to connect. Two factors in Snapchat’s design guarantee awareness about new Friends:  

Mandatory approval for new Friends

Snapchat always requires a user to accept a friend request before establishing the connection. Friends can’t get added unilaterally without the other person’s permission.  

App notifications of friend requests

Snapchat immediately pushes alerts to users when they receive requests, ensuring they know about interest from others in connecting.

Overall, discretion goes against Snapchat’s essential interactions. Open sharing between users fuels its purpose, so features cater more to transparency than obscurity.

If hoping to contact someone from the past inconspicuously, another platform like sending an email introduction may work better than Snapchat’s friend requests. But renewed Snap ties will always involve awareness.


Can I re-add someone on Snapchat without sending them a friend request notification?

No, Snapchat always sends a friend request notification when you try to re-add someone, so they will know through the app alert. There is currently no way to prevent it. 

Will my Snapchat streak be affected if I remove and add someone back?

Yes, removing a Snapchat friend resets any private or public Snapstreak you had with them previously. You’ll have to start your streak over from 0 upon re-adding them.

How can I prevent others from seeing when I add them back on Snapchat?

There is no setting to hide friend notifications or prevent them knowing you re-added. The app always alerts users, so assume connections will realize you have sent a friend request.

Is it considered rude to remove and add someone back on Snapchat?

It’s generally not considered the most polite gesture since it can imply conditional interest and uncertainty about connecting. But context matters, and some re-connections strengthen bonds, so communicate openly if you remove then re-add.

Can I hide specific Stories from someone I’ve re-added on Snapchat?

Yes, through Settings > Privacy Controls > Story Privacy, you can select “My Friends Except” to block particular friends from viewing your Story even if re-added. The rest of your renewed friendship would remain intact.

Final Thoughts

As Snapchat continues evolving as a social network, managing connections comes with new complexities. Tools like removing ties still carry social implications. But with honest communication and privacy controls, users hold power to shape these interactions on their terms. 

Unfriending doesn’t need to permanently sever all possibility of friendship. And re-adding contacts features transparency at its core. By embracing Snapchat’s focus on awareness within relationships, individuals can genuinely connect with who they choose.

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