What Does The X Mean On Snapchat?

Have you ever been browsing your Snapchat app and noticed a random “X” appearing next to some names? This seemingly innocent icon can indicate various things on the social media platform. From unaccepted friend requests to being blocked entirely, the X holds hidden meanings that are not obvious at first glance.

Don’t worry. By the end of this article, you’ll be a pro at understanding what that tiny X represents and how to manage your Snapchat connections properly. Let’s dive into the different scenarios where this symbol can pop up.

Meaning of the ‘X’ on Snapchat

Meaning of the 'X' on Snapchat

The most common reason you may see an X next to someone’s name is that you have received a friend request from them that you have yet to accept. When this happens, tapping on their name will give you two options:

1) “Add” to approve the request and become Snapchat friends 2) “Report or Block” to decline the request

It’s a pending reminder to decide whether to add friends. Pretty handy if you tend to accumulate a lot of requests over time!

Seeing an X When Opening Snapchat

ā€¢ This signifies you have pending friend requests to accept

ā€¢ It’s a reminder to stay on top of your requests

What Does “Grey X Next to Snapchat Name” Mean?

Now, this is where things get trickier. If you notice a grey X next to someone’s Snapchat name, it can mean one of two very different things:

1) The person has blocked you. You can no longer send them snaps, chats, or other messages on the app. They’ve completely cut you off from their Snapchat world.

2) You are no longer Snapchat friends. Either you unfriended them, or they unfriended you. The grey X indicates your friend connection has been severed.

Your ability to freely communicate and share content is limited in both situations. So if you see that ominous grey X, it’s a sign your relationship status has changed.

What Does Grey X Mean On Snapchat Chat?

Sometimes, you may notice a grey X appearing in your Snapchat conversations with people. This scenario is a bit different – the X here means that while you are messaging each other, you are not on each other’s friends list.

“You can keep chatting with them, but you’ll miss out on special friend features like streaks, filters, and lenses,” says Snapchat expert Sarah Peterson.

Not being a mutual friends comes with its limitations. But at least the grey X in chat allows you to continue communicating on some level without that person being an official connection.

X on Snapchat but still friends

Seeing an X can sometimes happen even when you are still listed as Snapchat friends with someone. There are a few possible reasons for this:

1) They have sent you a new friend request, perhaps after un-friending and re-adding you. But you still need to accept the new request.

2) You recently sent them a friend request, but they have yet to accept it.

3) One of you blocked then unblocked the other, causing a temporary X until you re-accept the friendship.

As long as you are still showing as friends, this X is more of a temporary glitch that can be resolved by accepting the latest friend request between you two.

Can We Remove The “X” Icon On Snapchat?

In many cases, you can take steps to remove that pesky X icon from your Snapchat friend connections. Here are some tips:

šŸ”· Accept any pending friend requests from people you do want to add

šŸ”· Unblock anyone you may have blocked in the past if you want to reconnect

šŸ”· Send a new friend request to anyone who previously declined yours

The key is being proactive about monitoring your Snapchat friend list and connections. If you stay on top of any pending requests or changes, you can minimize seeing Xs all over your app.

It’s also a good practice to reach out directly to any friends where an X appears, in case they need to take action on their end, like unblocking you or accepting a request.

Does the “x” icon on Snapchat mean blocked?

Not always, but a grey X next to someone’s name indicates they may have blocked you. However, the surest way to tell is if you see an X icon replacing the camera next to their name in your chats.

Grey XPotentially blocked OR unfriended
X instead of the cameraThis person has 100% blocked you

Getting unblocked on Snapchat:

ā€¢ Reach out to the person directly to resolve being unblocked

ā€¢ As a last resort, you may need to unfriend and then re-add them

If the camera icon is missing and replaced with an X, that’s a clear sign you’ve run into the person’s BlockVille. Your option at that point is to connect with them another way to get unblocked.

What does the x mean on Snapchat instead of the camera?

Snapchat instead of the camera?

We’ve covered this a bit already, but it’s worth reiterating – if you notice an X has replaced the camera icon next to someone’s name in your Snapchat chats and stories, it means that person has blocked you.

Your previous chat history may still appear, but you cannot send any new snap messages or interact with that friend until they unblock you. It’s one of the more frustrating Snapchat icons to encounter!

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Does X on Snapchat mean blocked? 

An X instead of the camera icon next to someone’s name definitively means they have blocked you on Snapchat.

What does a gray X mean on Snapchat? 

A gray X could mean either the person has blocked you or you are no longer Snapchat friends (one of you unfriended the other).

Why is there an X instead of a camera on Snapchat? 

If you see an X icon replacing the camera next to someone’s name in your Snapchat chats, it means the person has blocked you.

How do you know if someone Unadded you on Snapchat? 

If someone has unadded/unfriended you on Snapchat, you’ll see a gray X next to their name instead of their display picture.


Let’s quickly recap the various X icons you may spot on Snapchat and what they signify:

  • Regular X: An unaccepted friend request, either from you or the other person
  • Grey X: This person has either blocked you, or you are no longer Snapchat friends
  • X instead of camera: You have 100% been blocked by this person

While Snapchat keeps many of its features and symbols unclear, understanding the X icon can help you make more sense of your friend connections. Keep an eye out for it popping up and take action to accept requests or resolve blocks/unfriending when needed.

Ultimately, this small but meaningful icon can open new social media channels or shut down existing ones. The choice is yours to develop those Snapchat friendships!


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