How To Fix Could Not Update Email On Snapchat?

Have you found yourself stuck staring at Snapchat’s frustrating “Could Not Update Email” message? You’re not alone. This issue locks many users out of their accounts. But fret not, with some quick troubleshooting you can be back in business in no time. Let’s explore why this occurs and the simple fixes to get you snapchatting happily again.

A Common, Yet Annoying Problem 

A Common, Yet Annoying Problem 

Being unable to change your registered Snapchat email is super common. Minor glitches are to be expected with any large platform. While it may seem like the end of the world at the time, these email errors usually stem from small, temporary issues that are easy to resolve. The good news is by understanding the root causes, a solution is right at your fingertips.

Why Does It Happen?

Let’s break down some typical reasons behind the elusive “Could Not Update Email” message:

Server overload: Peak hours can strain Snapchat’s backends, blocking edits.

Spotty WiFi: Unstable networks interfere with profile saves. 

Typos in email: Easy to miss a letter when re-entering addresses.

Outdated app version: Old apps may have bugs impacting functionality.

Knowing the potential culprits helps identify the right fixes faster.

Could Not Update Email On Snapchat 

This heading examines the issue in more detail:

Snapchat has security measures preventing too-frequent changes. If edits are denied, wait an hour before retrying to give their systems time to catch up. Server congestion usually clears within 24 hours, after which your requested changes should go through. 

High user volumes aren’t the only potential cause. Slower cellular connections compared to WiFi can also confuse Snapchat’s backend. Attempt profile updates over a strong, wired network when possible.

Why Can’t I Update My Email On Snapchat?

Why Can’t I Update My Email On Snapchat

Let’s explore another reason for email update failures:

Invalid email formats commonly slip past autocorrect. Verify your address is in the standard “name@domain” format without extra spaces. Mistypings are an easy oversight when reentering long strings of text. 

You may have also tried changing to an email no longer in use. Ensure the account you’re linking is active by sending a test message. Inactive or misspelled addresses cannot receive account recovery messages.

How To Update Your Email Address On Snapchat

How To Update Your Email Address On Snapchat

With the right techniques, editing your registered email is simple:

From your Snapchat profile, tap the gear icon in the top-right. Select “Email” and enter your new address. For accuracy, slowly retype the full email rather than copying/pasting. 

If issues persist, refreshing cache data can resolve software glitches. On Android/iOS, go to app settings, storage, and clear cache & force stop Snapchat before restarting your device. This clears any temporary files that may be causing conflicts during the save process.

Fix 1: Wait The Time

Let’s examine the first suggested solution: As with any service, Snapchat limits profile changes to prevent spam. If trying multiple times within an hour triggers these restrictions, waiting is key. Come back after 60-90 minutes for the best results. Alternatively, wait until the following day if you have persistent errors. By then, any system queues should be cleared out. This small amount of patience is worth getting instant access again in no time.

Fix 2: Check The Internet Connection

Check The Internet Connection

Next, ensure your network status isn’t the culprit:  

Spotty WiFi signals commonly disrupt account edits. Test connecting over mobile data to rule this out. You can also try simpler tasks like visiting websites to check general connectivity first. Closing other data-heavy apps helps free up bandwidth for Snapchat too. Make updates your device’s sole online task. A speed test also indicates if anything could be throttling your connection.

Fix 3: Make Sure Email Is Correct  

Mistakes are easy but preventable:

Double and triple check your email is entered accurately without typos or extra characters. Ask a friend to read it back to catch any errors you may have missed. If issues persist, choose a different email you’re certain is valid as a test. This confirms whether the problem lies with the address itself or elsewhere. Proper spelling is crucial when important messages are sent to verify account ownership. Small mistakes here block the entire process.

Fix 4: Update The App

Often a seemingly unrelated cause: Outdated apps occasionally have bugs blocking desired functions. Make sure Snapchat is fully up to date through your device’s app store. Newest versions specifically address crash issues and broken features. Updating eliminates any app-side problems as the root issue. A quick download ensures you’re using the most stable, error-free version of Snapchat available.

Fix 5: Close/Restart App 

Refreshing from the OS-level can also help:  

When in doubt, fully closing and restarting Snapchat removes any unstable cached files or temporary glitches. On iPhone/Android, force close the app then reboot your entire device for an ultimatesoftwares refresh. This “power cycle” approach solves many technical issues by wiping old data and loading everything fresh.

Fix 6: Contacts Snapchat

If none of these solutions work, it’s time for direct guidance:

Snapchat’s support website and in-app options are available to investigate unique account problems. Provide details of the issue with screenshots if possible. Their teams have deeper access to diagnose registration errors beyond what users can check themselves. Issues blocking important functions are their top priority to resolve. Rare cases may require account specialists, but they’re ready to help get you back on Snapchat fast.


Why is Snapchat saying my email is wrong? 

There may be a typo in the email address you entered. Double check that the email is typed correctly without any mistakes.

Why isn’t Snapchat verifying my email? 

The email address may be invalid or inactive. Verify that you can receive emails at this address by sending a test email.

Why is my email red on Snapchat? 

A red email on your Snapchat profile means the email address has not been verified. You need to click the link in the verification email sent to your inbox to confirm the email.


In conclusion, being unable to update your email on Snapchat can definitely be annoying but it’s usually an easy fix. By methodically working through the potential causes like network issues, email errors or outdated apps, you can eliminate each possible reason and get to the root of the problem. Following the steps provided and being patient should allow you to start receiving emails to your new address on Snapchat in no time. Don’t forget to contact Snapchat support if needed.

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