YoWhatsApp Apk v9.98 Download (Official) Latest Version

YoWhatsApp Apk v9.98 For Android is now available, and we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re excited to share the latest version of YoWA APK with all our readers. Our commitment is to consistently provide you with the Yo WhatsApp Apk Download Link for the most up-to-date version. We diligently update these links promptly with every new app version, ensuring our readers are the first to access them.

Originally developed by Yousef, the app’s development was later taken over by Fouad Mokdad, the mind behind FMWhatsApp. With permission from Yousef, Fouad Mokdad has assumed responsibility for the app’s future development, promising regular updates for YoWhatsApp. Rest assured, we’ll keep our website updated with all the latest versions, making it your go-to destination for Fouad Yo WhatsApp APK downloads. Elevate your WhatsApp experience with advanced features – it’s time to take your messaging to the next level.

Fouad Mokdad manages the official app, but another developer, known as HeyMods, has also introduced a mod called HeyMods YoWhatsApp Apk v21.20.0. Despite not being the official mod, some users are curious to try it out. For those interested, we’ve included the download link in the section below. However, it’s worth noting that using this app is not recommended, as it contains ads. Additionally, we’ve shared Yo WhatsApp Old Version Apk on our website, providing options for users who prefer older versions. Feel free to explore and download them as well.

Yo WhatsApp

Numerous individuals express a keen interest in acquiring YoWhatsApp for their iPhones. Addressing this demand, I present the exclusive method for downloading YoWhatsApp on iOS devices and have successfully addressed all related inquiries. For those utilizing an iPhone or iOS, simply navigate to the subsequent section, where you’ll find a dedicated segment titled “Yo WhatsApp Download for iOS.” All your questions will be comprehensively answered within the contents of that paragraph.

How To Update Yo WhatsApp To AntiBan Version?

Amidst widespread concerns of users encountering bans on Yo WhatsApp, the developer has diligently addressed the issue by crafting and releasing an enhanced antiban version, namely version 9.98. It is strongly recommended that users promptly update their YoWa application to sidestep potential bans. Follow these steps to fortify your YoWa against bans and ensure a seamless experience with features like “Emojis On Instagram“:

  1. Take a comprehensive backup using FMMODS settings.
  2. Safeguard the “YoWhatsApp” package folder in a secure location to prevent any data loss.
  3. Uninstall the current YOWA application.
  4. Install version 9.98 (Refer to the provided download links above and below).
  5. Input your phone number and verify it through OTP.
  6. Restore the previously saved backup. That concludes the process.

By adhering to this method, you can shield your WhatsApp from bans by upgrading to the latest version 9.98.

YoWa, an immensely popular MOD application developed by Yousef Al-Basha, known as YoWa Apk, swiftly gained prominence on numerous Android smartphones within a few months of its launch. Yousef’s YoWa stands as an advanced iteration of the official WhatsApp, boasting a plethora of additional features not found in the standard WhatsApp application. While bearing similarities to GBWhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp surpasses it in functionality and appeal. Its rapid rise in search results underscores its growing popularity. This blog facilitates the effortless download of YoWhatsApp Antiban (WhatsApp Yo) Latest with a single click.

WhatsApp, a globally renowned messaging application, is widely used, yet it lacks certain indispensable features. YoWhatsApp, or YoWa Apk, bridges this gap by offering advanced features absent in other modded apps. When exploring modded versions of WhatsApp, users often resort to online searches. However, many websites in search results prioritize profit over user needs. Acquiring Yousef YoWa Apk on the first attempt can be challenging due to this. Rest assured, we are here to address all your queries about this app, which boasts numerous useful features in its modded form.

Fouad YoWhatsApp 2024 (FouadYoWa)

Fouad has taken over the development of YoWhatsApp (YoWa) as Yousef discontinued his mod for undisclosed reasons. Users need not worry, as Fouad has assumed responsibility, and the app will now be known as FouadYoWa or Fouad Yo WhatsApp. Regular updates with new features will continue to be shared. Our commitment is to provide users with a feature-rich experience, making FouadYoWa a top choice among WhatsApp mods.

For those who enjoy mod apps for their additional features, YoWhatsApp (YoWa) by YoBasha stands out as a recommendation. Boasting features not found in other mods, YoWa is regularly updated by the developer every month, ensuring a consistently improved user experience. If you haven’t tried YoWa before, you’re missing out on a mod that surpasses others in functionality and innovation.

In the competitive landscape of WhatsApp mods, YoWhatsApp Apk emerges as the premier choice for users seeking a maximum number of features. Developed by Yousef Al-Basha, YoWa has gained popularity for its frequent updates and a continuous stream of new features. Its success is evident as many WhatsApp enthusiasts have switched to YoWhatsApp from other mods, citing its exceptional features and ongoing support as the driving factors behind the switch.

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2024 (YoWa Anti-Ban)

App NameYoWhatsApp (YoWA)
Last Updated On31 January 2024
Size76.1 MB
Total Downloads27,700,000+
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Official WebsiteYoWA YoWhatsApp)

YoWhatsApp (YoWA) version 9.98, developed by Fouad Mokdad, offers a compelling alternative in the realm of WhatsApp mods. With a last update on January 31, 2024, and a size of 76.1 MB, this version is based on and has garnered an impressive 27,700,000+ downloads. Users are encouraged to obtain the official mod from Fouad’s YoWhatsApp APK to enjoy an ads-free experience, as downloading HeyMods YoWhatsApp Apk may lead to intrusive advertisements on your screen.

In comparison to other mods, Fouad’s YoWhatsApp APK stands out not only for its features but also for its commitment to an ad-free user experience. The official website, YoWA YoWhatsApp, serves as the reliable source for obtaining this mod. As the version number suggests, the app is regularly updated to provide users with the latest enhancements and improvements, ensuring a smooth and feature-rich communication experience.

Download Fouad Yo WhatsApp Apk (Official)

Download HeyMods YoWhatsApp Apk

Notice: Yousef has ceased the progression of YOWA. Fouad Mokdad, the creator of FMWhatsApp, has obtained approval from Yousef, and he is set to unveil forthcoming enhancements for YoWhatsApp. We will continue to disseminate the latest updates at this location.

YowaYousef.com, true to its name, serves as a dedicated blog centering around Yousef’s YoWa Mod Apk. Responding to the requests of our audience, we’ve expanded our offerings to include the download link for HeyMods YoWhatsApp APK on our platform. Our blog provides comprehensive insights into the world of YoWhatsApp Mod Apk, covering its evolution from inception to the latest versions. We ensure that all versions are readily accessible for download at any time. Should you encounter any broken download links, don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact page. We are committed to promptly updating and resolving any issues.

Exploring the realm of YoWhatsApp features? Fret not! Delve into the world of YoWa’s capabilities as we unveil its distinct features step by step in the upcoming section. Brace yourself for a revelation, as the array of YoWa features is bound to leave you astonished. Prepare to immerse yourself in a plethora of WhatsApp tricks that may be uncharted territory for you. Our approach is simple – we’ll introduce the latest features first, followed by the older ones. Ready for the journey? This strategy is tailored to offer you maximum assistance. 😉 So, let’s dive into the remarkable features of this application.

Why Yo WhatsApp is Best?

Yousef has introduced numerous versions of his app, making it challenging to keep track of the newly added features. However, this section is exclusively dedicated to sharing the latest version’s feature list without discussing older version features. Take a look at the YoWhatsApp Apk’s most recent features:

1. YoThemes

#1. YoThemes

It’s time to bid farewell to WhatsApp’s green UI. The YoThemes feature enables you to choose a stylish theme for your WhatsApp. There’s a variety of amazing themes that can be applied with just a single click. Once YoWa is installed on your device, you’ll find a specific option called YoThemes, allowing you to change the theme anytime.

2. Emoji Variant

#2. Emoji Variant

YoWa comes with an Emoji Variant featuring numerous cool emojis by default. You can send a wide array of emojis to your contacts using this variant. Our blog exclusively shares the Emoji Variant, and no other variant without emojis is available on our website. So, feel free to download any package; it’s the Emoji Variant. 😉 You won’t find these emojis in any other MOD app.

3. Send Long Videos

#3. Send Long Videos

WhatsApp restricts video sending to a maximum of 100 MB, which can be quite frustrating. YoWhatsApp, however, lets you send videos up to 700 MB at a time. 😉 Yes, it’s true – you can verify it yourself.

4. Default Lock

#4. Default Lock

Forget about installing third-party lock apps on your Android to secure WhatsApp chats. YoWa comes with a default lock, allowing you to protect your chats with a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock. Unlike the official WhatsApp app, this feature is not available, making it a favorite among YoWa users.

5. Freeze Last Seen

#5. Freeze Last Seen

If you prefer not to display your WhatsApp online status, you can freeze your last seen with a single click. Even if you’re using WhatsApp, once this feature is enabled, it won’t show you online anymore. Your YoWhatsApp last seen will be the time when you activated this feature. Cool, isn’t it? :-p You can freeze your last seen whenever you want and disable it when you wish.

6. Custom Privacy

#6. Custom Privacy

YoWhatsApp offers numerous privacy features, such as hiding your last seen, blue tick (message seen tick), and second tick (message delivered tick) at any time. Don’t worry – the message receiver won’t be informed about any changes you make. :-p These are custom privacy features, and the official WhatsApp app lacks these options.

7. Dual WhatsApp

#7. Dual WhatsApp

YoWhatsApp can serve as a second WhatsApp, allowing you to use dual WhatsApp on the same device. The package name, i.e., com.yowa, is different from WhatsApp (com.wa), enabling the use of both apps on the same Android phone. By using different packages, you can even have a total of 3 WhatsApp accounts on your phone.

8. No Root

#8. No Root

Unlike many other WhatsApp MODs that require a rooted Android phone, YoWa functions smoothly on non-rooted devices as well. There’s no need to root your phone, avoiding potential warranty issues and other side effects. YoWa has been tested on both rooted and non-rooted phones, proving its compatibility with both.

9. Font Styles

#9. Font Styles

Yo WhatsApp provides a variety of fonts, eliminating the need for the default boring font. You can easily select a beautiful custom font from the in-built list in the app. Changing the font style in YoWhatsApp is a breeze, and we’ve already shared a tutorial on it.

These are the features of the latest version of YoWa Apk. Older version features will be listed below whenever a new version is released, and we update the list accordingly. Let’s now explore its older yet valuable features.

YoWa v9.98 Apk Features

Discover the unparalleled advantages that set YoWhatsApp apart from other WhatsApp MOD apps. Delve into the extensive list below to explore the exceptional features offered by YoWhatsApp across its various versions:

  • Ghost Mode 👻:  (Conceal your actions, freeze your last seen, and maintain invisibility. Others won’t know you’ve received their messages, watch statuses discreetly, and message ticks won’t turn blue.)
  • Copy Caption Feature for Media: (Easily copy captions for images and videos: Select Image/Video > 3 Dot > Copy Caption.)
  • Profile Photo Customization: (Set “Search Web” or use emojis for your profile photo.)
  • Status View Toast: (FMMods > Home Screen)
  • Translation Mode Switch: (Switch between in-app translation or GTranslate app in FMMods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option.)
  • Total Message Count Display: (View the total message count in the View All Messages Screen.)
  • Scroll to Newest or Oldest Message: (Buttons available to scroll to the newest or oldest message in View All Message Screen.)
  • Group Chat Enhancements: (Tap separated for group chats.)
  • Customizable Online Dot Color: (YoMods > Home Screen > Rows)
  • Save Profile Pictures 
  • Themes via Zip Files: (Load themes through zip files.)
  • New Custom Wallpaper UI
  • Increased Forward Limit: (Up to 250 messages, use at your own risk.)
  • Message Management: (Ignore archived chats, see live preview of changes, aeroplane mode to disable messages.)
  • Status Splitter: (Split long videos into 30 seconds.)
  • Hidden Chats Features: (Hidden chats won’t show in calls log, vibration feature for hidden chats, reply privately in groups.)
  • Anti-Delete Story/Status Feature Re-enabled
  • Enhanced User Control: (Confirmation message before clearing recent emojis, default lock for secure chats, colorful contacts screen.)
  • Additional Language Support: (Azerbaijani and Indonesian languages added.)
  • Messaging and Appearance Customization: (Change message counter text color, disable vibration in pattern lock, switch between old and new emojis.)
  • Advanced Privacy Features: (Remove custom privacy for specific contacts, hide name for any contact/group, rescue mode, custom anti-delete.)
  • Design and Interface Improvements: (YoThemes store speed improved, new emojis, 7 new icons, gradient color preview, new ticks, new bubbles.)
  • Communication Control: (Choose who can call you with call blocker feature, send up to 100 images at once.)
  • Visual Tweaks: (Your picture inside/outside conversations and groups, new call FAB in calls screen, change group participants name color, emoji variant.)
  • Functionalities Galore: (Switch between old and new emojis, disable call for any contact, change name and status font style in home screen.)
  • Rich Media Handling: (Hide media from gallery, increase limit for GIF videos up to 30 seconds, copy story/status text.)
  • More Features: (Custom privacy, send live location, see storage usage per chat, pin up to 1000 chats, reduced network use.)
  • User Interface Customization: (Swipe from left to write to exit conversation, recent colors, square photo corners, privacy-only mode.)
  • Messaging Enhancements: (Change hyperlinks color, Allo ticks and 3D bubbles, no ads, splash screen.)
  • YoMods Settings Design: (New feature, live preview of color changes.)
  • Airplane Mode ✈️:  (Disable messages when needed.)
  • Hidden Chats Optimization: (Hidden chats won’t show in home unread counter, won’t appear in “Forward To” screen.)
  • Backup Management: (Option to clear WA database backups, share YoWhatsApp with friends.)
  • Bug-Free Experience: (No bugs, continual fixing if any are found.)

Embark on a journey of discovery as YoWhatsApp unfolds a world of features, making it the ultimate choice for Android users. If you’ve decided to embrace this feature-rich mod application, the download link awaits you below. Elevate your messaging experience with YoWhatsApp.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk v9.98 Latest Version 

If you’re in search of YoWhatsApp for Android, there’s no need to search elsewhere. Why? Because we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re set to provide you with a download link. Utilize the download button presented to effortlessly acquire the YoWa Apk for Android with just a single click. Behold the download button below.

YoWhatsapp By Fouad Mokdad

Attention: Presently, there is only one package, namely “com.yowa,” accessible. The developer has ceased the creation of various packages. Therefore, feel free to click on any download button, as they all lead to the same outcome.

This is the most innovative and superior YoWa package ever encountered. Once you’ve downloaded this package, there’s no need to explore other options. You’ll experience unparalleled features with this package compared to the rest. 

Although the features remain consistent across all packages, this particular one offers additional perks, such as support for Samsung S5, 6, 7, and Note 4, 5, 7. 🙂 It functions seamlessly on all Android phones running Android version 4.0 and above. You can access the download link for this exceptional package below.

Package: com.wa – Discontinued

Similar to the official WhatsApp app, this package bears the name resemblance. Consequently, it is incompatible with the official WhatsApp app. If you opt to uninstall the official WhatsApp and exclusively use YoWhatsApp, this package is ideal for you. 

However, it has some drawbacks, such as the lack of support for Samsung S5, 6, 7 & Note 4, 5, 7. Therefore, we recommend considering an alternative package. Nevertheless, it is suitable for use on other devices, and the features remain consistent across all YoWa Packages.

Package: com.yowa2 – Discontinued

This package mirrors the first one in structure and purpose. Its development aims to enable the use of triple YoWhatsApp simultaneously. This implies you can install com.yowa, com.wa, and com.yowa2 packages on the same phone. If you desire to utilize dual or triple YoWhatsApp on your device, feel free to download and install this package. 

However, it shares similarities with the first package and supports Samsung S and Note series devices. The download link for this package is provided below.

Download YoWhatsApp By HeyMods

Please note that the development of HeyMods’ version of YoWhatsApp has been discontinued. To ensure a secure and reliable experience, we recommend downloading the official FouadMod version from the provided link above.

Responding to user demand, we are providing the YoWhatsApp APK By HeyMods download link on our site. However, it is important to note that using this mod is not recommended, as it includes a significant number of advertisements and is not the original YoWa mod. Simply click the download button below to initiate the download on your smartphone.

Have you successfully downloaded the app from the aforementioned link? If your answer is yes, great. If not, please feel free to comment below, and we will assist you promptly. We are committed to updating the download links whenever necessary, ensuring a seamless experience for our users. If, by any chance, the provided download link does not work, kindly comment down below, and we will promptly address and resolve your query.

Download Older Versions Of YoWhatsApp

Download Older Versions Of YoWhatsApp

Unlock your preferred vintage edition of YoWa by clicking the button provided below. The download initiates automatically upon clicking. We exclusively offer previous iterations of Yousef YoWhatsApp, excluding any unauthorized developer’s applications.

With the APK file now in your possession, the next step is installation on your Android device. However, before proceeding, familiarize yourself with the prerequisites for installing YoWhatsApp on Android. If unfamiliar, refer to the list provided below.

YoWhatsApp for Android (Requirements)

If you’ve been around the Android block for a while, you probably already have a sense that your trusty device is ready to roll with the YoWhatsApp Mod Apk. No need to dive into the specs – your phone is on the compatibility VIP list. Yet, to clear the air for those who might be wondering, let’s run through a quick checklist just to be crystal clear:

  1. Android Phone: Ensure it’s rocking a 4.0 version or higher.
  2. YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version: Snag it from the provided download link above.
  3. Internet Connection: WhatsApp and data – a duo made in heaven.
  4. Bid Farewell to Old WhatsApp: Give it a goodbye hug, as running two WhatsApp accounts with the same number is a no-go. Alternatively, you can create an account with a different number.

No rocket science here, just the basics to keep things smooth. We get it, sometimes the tech tango can be confusing. So, we’ve laid it out for you. Now that the stage is set, gear up for the installation of the YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version on your Android device. Below, find your step-by-step guide.

How to Install YoWhatsApp Apk on Android?

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the process of installing Apk files on your Android device. However, for those who are new to the Android experience, tackling the installation of an Apk for the first time can be a bit daunting. Let me assure you, it’s a straightforward task to install applications from third-party sources on Android. Typically, apps are acquired through the Play Store, eliminating the need for manual installation. Yet, YoWhatsApp takes a different route, as it doesn’t comply with Play Store policies, necessitating a manual installation. Fear not if you’re unsure how to proceed; just follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Begin by ensuring you’ve downloaded the YoWhatsApp Apk file from the provided link in the previous section.
  2. Locate the downloaded Apk file, usually found in your device’s download folder.
  3. Tap on the Apk file, and then select the “Install” button.
  4. Allow the installation process to commence and patiently wait for its completion.
  5. Once successfully installed, click on the “Open” button.
  6. Input the phone number you wish to use with YoWhatsApp and click on the NEXT button.
  7. Confirm your willingness to receive the OTP by clicking on the OK button.
  8. Enter the six-digit one-time password sent to your provided mobile number; the verification process will happen automatically.
  9. If you’ve backed up your old WhatsApp, you’ll be prompted to restore it; click on Restore if desired. Note: This option appears only if you have a backup.
  10. Set up your Display Picture and Name, and proceed.

In a nutshell, that’s how you install the latest YoWhatsApp Apk on your Android device. Is it challenging? I’m confident your answer is NO. While many new Android users may encounter initial hurdles, we’ve shared these installation steps along with accompanying screenshots for each unique step, making the process more accessible. Now, you’re all set to explore WhatsApp with a fresh perspective and enjoy numerous additional features. Surprise your friends by showcasing the plethora of extra features in your WhatsApp application. To provide a glimpse, here are some screenshots showcasing YoWhatsApp’s design and features.

Video Tutorial: Yo WhatsApp APK Installation Guide


6.2 How to Install YoWhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

Certainly! Here’s a revised version:

Have you ever considered transitioning from the official WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp without losing your precious chat history? Despite the vast number of chats stored on our phones, many hesitate to switch due to the fear of losing conversations. The good news is, it’s a seamless process, and we’ve outlined a step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Open your current WhatsApp application.
  2. Locate the top-right corner where you’ll find the three dots, and click on them.
  3. From the menu, select the “Settings” option.
  4. Navigate to “Chats” and then select “Backup.”
  5. Inside the Chats screen, choose the “Chat backup” option.
  6. Simply click on the green “Backup” button, initiating the chat backup process.
  7. Wait patiently as it completes the backup.
  8. Uninstall the WhatsApp app and proceed to install YoWhatsApp on your device (Installation tutorial provided above).
  9. Enter your phone number and verify it through the One Time Password.
  10. YoWhatsApp will automatically scan for backups and prompt you to restore the last backup.
  11. Click on the “Restore” button and allow a few moments for the process to complete.

Voila! Your messages are successfully restored. The process is straightforward, and we’ve even included a tutorial with screenshots for your convenience. This method ensures a smooth transition to any WhatsApp Mod without the hassle of losing your chats. Feel free to follow the same procedure if you ever decide to switch back to the official WhatsApp, though we suspect you won’t want to after experiencing the benefits of YoWhatsApp. 😉

How to Install Yo WhatsApp on iPhone?

I’ve noticed a common query in the comments about the installation of YoWhatsApp on iPhone. Let me provide you with the most straightforward and accurate response. Contrary to what some sites may claim, there is no YoWa application designed for iOS. It’s essential to be cautious and not simply trust any Google search result claiming to offer YoWa for iOS. These sites often spread misinformation to drive traffic to their pages. 

Although creating YoWhatsApp for iPhone is not a complex task, the major obstacle lies in Apple’s stringent security measures. Apple does not permit third-party apps on its system, making it improbable to install modded apps on your iPhone. While it is true that you can install third-party apps on iOS by Jailbreaking your device, YoWa remains an exception to this possibility.

Download YoWhatsApp for iOS/iPhone

Isn’t this the information you’ve been seeking? Well, rest assured, I’ve already addressed your query in the preceding paragraph with a comprehensive explanation. Numerous iOS users express a desire to download YoWhatsApp for iOS, only to encounter obstacles in doing so. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not a feasible option. 🙂 The most effective approach for iPhone/iOS users is to install YoWhatsApp on an Android device and utilize it seamlessly. This remains the sole and definitive method to access the application. I firmly stand by this truth, and, in the interest of saving your valuable time, I advise placing trust in my guidance.

No need for disappointment or frustration, as we’ve laid bare the facts. Our commitment is to provide authentic information to our users/visitors, avoiding the inconvenience of redirecting them to futile pages for YoWa iOS downloads. I believe this paragraph resolves any uncertainties you may have had. Trust me, it’s a time-saver.

There’s no reason to feel disheartened or upset, now that the truth has been unveiled. Save yourself the trouble of scouring the internet for YoWhatsApp on iOS/iPhone, because it simply doesn’t exist. Many websites peddle misleading articles, aiming solely to amass pageviews for monetary gain. 🙂 I hope this clarifies the situation. So, go ahead and enjoy this mod on any Android smartphone.

Yo Whatsapp Download For Windows PC

Looking to download YoWhatsApp for your PC? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. Many individuals spend their entire day working on PCs or laptops, and having WhatsApp on their systems is essential. 

For avid YoWhatsApp users, the thought of using it on a Windows PC might cross their minds. Well, the good news is, it’s absolutely possible, and you can seamlessly enjoy YoWa features on your PC. While there isn’t a YoWhatsApp .exe software specifically for PCs, there is a workaround you can follow.

Here’s the method to use YoWa on your PC using one of the best Android emulators, Bluestacks:

  1. Begin by downloading Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC/Laptop (You can find it on Google by searching for Bluestacks.com).
  2. Once the setup file is downloaded, open it and click on “Install Now.”
  3. The main software will start downloading and will complete the installation within a few minutes.
  4. After a successful installation, Bluestacks will open automatically. Inside Bluestacks, open the pre-installed Chrome app.
  5. Type yowayousef.com in the search bar and download the latest version of YoWhatsApp from this website.
  6. After the download is complete, simply install it as you would on your Android phone.
  7. Set up your WhatsApp account, and you’re good to go.

That’s it! This is how you can install the YoWhatsApp app on your PC. Please note that restoring old messages is not possible; you can only create a new account in Bluestacks with YoWhatsApp and use it. This method provides a way to use Android apps on Windows, allowing you to enjoy awesome features on your PC just like a normal app. It will also notify you when new messages are received.

Now, it’s time to explore some WhatsApp Yo features with the help of infographics.



YoBasha 9.98 (Changelog)

Explore the exciting journey of YoWhatsApp with these recent app updates:


⚡️ An exclusive update brings additional Anti-Ban protection.

🛠️ Resolved the issue of a 1-hour ban for some users.


➕ Profile picture is back in groups.

🛠️ Updated the hide blue tick code.

🛠️ Improved unlimited opens for view-once media.

🛠️ Fixed issues related to blue ticks showing randomly and anti view-once media deletion.

☑️ Miscellaneous changes include removing “Audio” from custom downloads and general bug fixes.


➕ Option to show night/light icon on home.

🛠️ Fixed various issues, including rounded entry recording audio, swipe row features not working, and bubble bottom bar random crashes.

☑️ General bug fixes and improvements.


➕ Base updated to

➕ Introduced GHOST MODE 👻, allowing users to go incognito.

➕ Custom media downloading control for each chat.

✅ Enabled features like login multiple accounts on the same phone and adjusting group permissions.

☑️ Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.


➕ Base updated to

🛠️ Fixed random cash issues in some chats and groups.

☑️ Other bug fixes and improvements.


🛠️ Fixed storage permission problems in Android 13+.

🛠️ Fixed various issues, including restoring backup in Android 13+ and forwarding messages crash.

☑️ General bug fixes.


⚡️ Exclusive update: added “Mark As Read” inside chat when hide blue tick is enabled.

➕ Several new features, including seeing the original message before edit and saving feature for new video messages.

✅ Enabled options like sending quick video messages and pinning messages for 24 hr, 7 days, or 30 days.

☑️ Miscellaneous bug fixes.


🛠️ Fixed crash in message scheduler issue.

🛠️ Fixed issues related to opening the app on some phones and sending my location.

☑️ Miscellaneous bug fixes.


🛠️ Fixed issues related to sending my location and the my location button in the map.


➕ Base updated to

⚡️ Exclusive update: added media backup/restore option.

✅ Enabled various features, including receiving pinned messages from others and transferring chats between phones without Google Drive.

☑️ Miscellaneous updates and bug fixes.


➕ Improved AntiBan protection to the maximum (99.9% Anti-Ban).


➕ Improved AntiBan protection.

🛠️ Fixed the 1-hour ban issue for users.

Old Versions Changelog

New features and improvements in the latest version of YoWhatsApp:

  • Added an option to turn on/off Group Admin indicator (FMMods > Conversation Screen).
  • Added the option to share multiple images/videos/files simultaneously from chat to other apps.
  • Enabled the ability to filter unread messages using the search option.
  • Enabled a new drawing pen feature.
  • Option enabled to choose who can see when you’re online (Settings > Account > Privacy).
  • Feature enabled to leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left).
  • Admins can now remove other people’s messages in group chats (only works when users are on a new base).
  • Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!).
  • Quick reactions to Status enabled.
  • New Text Status UI enabled.
  • New status privacy design UI enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of “Go to the first message.”
  • Fixed the issue of viewing all person’s messages in the group chat.
  • Fixed the group Message counter in the group info page issue.
  • Added the ability to set custom double-tap emoji for a specific chat (Chat > 3 Dots).
  • Added the option to see notifications for blocked calls (caused due to calls privacy).
  • Disabled the double-tap to like feature.
  • Added the option to change custom color for text status.
  • Added the option to change custom background color for text status.
  • Added call rejection type options.
  • Added the feature to like a message by double-tap.
  • Enabled privacy for contacts with the “Expect” feature.
  • Users can now send any emoji as reactions by clicking the “+” icon.
  • Added the feature to enable “Listen to Voice Note After Exiting Chat” in the background.
  • Users can send any contact direct link through Chat > Three Dots (No Need To Send Saved Contact Details).
  • Added many language translations, including Vietnamese, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi & Bengali.
  • Users can set “Search Web” image or “Emoji” as a profile picture.
  • Added the ability to copy caption for media (image/video) – Select Image/Video > 3 Dot > Copy Caption.
  • Users can search the web for selecting a profile picture or use emoji as well as DP.
  • Reactions feature added (long press any message).
  • Added the feature to pause and resume voice note recording.
  • New privacy settings (contacts except) for Last Seen and Profile Photo.
  • Fixed the issue of false anti-virus/anti-malware reports.
  • Fixed voice notes blue mic icon issue on the home screen.
  • Fixed video call confirmation issue.
  • Fixed WA bots menu not clickable issue.
  • Fixed mute indicator in WAMOD row style issue.
  • Fixed translate messages show copied message issue.
  • Improved anti-ban feature.
  • Fixed archive chat not showing on the group tab issue.
  • Fixed RC-TELEGRAM X recording box bug.
  • Fixed crash when hide archive a hidden chat issue.
  • Removed large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat.
  • Fixed groups with “Admin Only” still showing send message box in some entry styles issue.
  • Fixed sending more than 30 images from gallery.
  • Fixed number zero not showing on lock screen in some phones issue.
  • Redesigned pin lock screen.
  • Fixed status splitter crashing on some phones.
  • Fixed contact list not showing on some phones issue.
  • Added FMThemes Store dark/light mode.
  • Added the option to hide privacy terms notice (universal > hide privacy msg).
  • Fixed shop item crash issue.
  • Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mentions.
  • Fixed theme wallpapers not applying on some themes issue.
  • Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+ issue.
  • New attachment picker.
  • Animation to new attachment.
  • Added 5 entries style.
  • Added 16 bubble style.
  • Added 14 ticks style.
  • NEW” tag added in front of new styles added.
  • Removed the “Read More” button & read long messages completely.
  • Added the option to change online toast location (FMMods > Home).
  • Fixed One UI rotate issue.
  • Fixed status tab showing number, changed to dot only.
  • Fixed unread counter issue (e.g., calls).
  • Fixed custom wallpaper issue.
  • Fixed location attachment crash.
  • Removed the option to increase forward limit to 250.
  • Enabled chats/groups separate without IG stories.
  • Fixed message delay issue.
  • Fixed broadcast icon not showing in broadcast messages issue.
  • Fixed hide blue microphone not working issue.
  • Fixed crash when setting wallpaper in chat issue.
  • Swipe row by default disabled.
  • Fixed group tab unread counter flickering issue.
  • Added group chats tab separation option.
  • Separated the groups tab from the bottom bar.
  • Added Dubai font – Arabic.
  • Light/dark mode switch will save your current settings & can be restored.
  • Fixed “App Not Installed” error.
  • Fixed fingerprint timeout error.
  • Fixed hide second tick issues.
  • Fixed IG status disappearing.
  • Fixed WhatsApp stickers/emojis showing in the gallery.
  • Improved group description appearance in dark mode.
  • Custom privacy checkbox now showing in RTL languages.
  • Improved app speed.
  • Many bugs fixed.

This list is regularly updated with each new release of YoWhatsApp, providing a comprehensive overview of the changes and improvements made in each version.

WhatsApp VS Yo WhatsApp – Comparison

WhatsApp VS Yo WhatsApp – Comparison

Ever wondered about the distinctions between YoWhatsApp (YoWa) and the official WhatsApp application? If you’re feeling perplexed, you’re not alone. Let’s unravel the dissimilarities between these two messaging platforms. 

While both allow messaging to your WhatsApp contacts, YoWhatsApp goes the extra mile by offering a plethora of additional features not found in the official app. Here’s a side-by-side breakdown to help you understand the disparities:

Freeze Last SeenX
Hide Online StatusX
Change Ticks IconX
Hide Double TickX
Customize ThemeX
Block Specific Contact CallsX
Download Status/StoryX
Recover Deleted MessagesX
Media Sending Limit16 MB700 MB
Anti Delete StatusX
Change App FontsX
Customize Contact ColorX
Watch “View Once” Images UnlimitedX
Change App IconX
In-Built App LockX
Change Image Resolution Before SendingX
Auto reply FeatureX
Schedule MessagesX
Message Forward Limit5250

This table illustrates the distinctive features that set YoWhatsApp apart, providing a comprehensive view of the added benefits it brings to the table compared to the official WhatsApp application.

Yousef YoWA App (Screenshots)

Have you ever experienced YoWhatsApp? If not, take a glance at its interface through these exclusive screenshots. Witness the distinct appearance and features that YoWa offers, providing a personalized touch to your messaging experience.

These images showcase the YoWhatsApp 9.98 app by Yousef Al-Basha. They are genuine captures from our personal smartphones, not sourced from elsewhere. YoWa Apk mirrors the official WhatsApp look but grants the freedom to customize the design according to your preferences. Explore the additional features highlighted in the shared images.

Enamored by Fouad’s mod? We’re delighted you appreciate it! Our website regularly updates with the latest versions, ensuring you can conveniently download Fouad YoWa’s newest release. The popularity of this mod stems from its exceptional features, elevating your WhatsApp usage to new heights.

Our entire website revolves around Yo WhatsApp v9.98 Apk, the latest Android version developed by Yousef. It stands out as an impressive WhatsApp Mod, encompassing all the essential features sought by every WhatsApp user. Download Yo WhatsApp with a single click, and explore not only the latest version but also previous ones. Bookmark our homepage for continuous access to the evolving world of Yousef YoWa.

In conclusion, are you captivated by YoWhatsApp Mod for Android? We strive to present unparalleled features, making YoWa APK a standout in the realm of mods. Share our website link with your friends and family, enabling them to enjoy the unique features of Yo WhatsApp Apk on their smartphones. Stay updated by downloading the latest version anytime from our website; we’re committed to keeping you in the loop with the latest mod versions.


What exactly is YoWa in WhatsApp?

YoWa stands for YoWhatsApp, which is a modified version of WhatsApp. It boasts numerous additional features compared to the official WhatsApp, making it highly popular among users.

How do I go about downloading YoWhatsApp Apk?

To download YoWa, simply visit its official website at yowayousef.com.

Is YoWhatsApp considered safe?

Absolutely, YoWhatsApp is 100% safe. It functions similarly to the official WhatsApp but with added benefits and does not contain any harmful viruses.

What’s the process for updating to the latest version of YOWhatsApp?

Updating to the latest version is straightforward. Visit the official website at yowayousef.com, download the newer version, and click on install. The newer version will seamlessly replace the older one. For a more detailed guide, refer to our tutorial on the website.

In the debate between GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp, which one is superior?

In my opinion, YoWhatsApp takes the lead. It offers a plethora of additional features compared to GBWhatsApp and is also an Antiban mod.

Is YoWhatsApp AntiBan?

Certainly, YoWhatsApp is a fully Antiban mod version. Users won’t encounter any issues with account banning while using it.

Final Thought 

We trust that you’re thoroughly enjoying the YoWa Mod by HeyMods or Fouad on your smartphones. In each update, we are committed to introducing new features to keep the experience fresh and exciting. If you feel that there’s a feature missing in YoWa Apk, please drop a comment, and we’ll make every effort to incorporate your suggestions into our future updates. Stay connected with us to effortlessly download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp Apk, especially given the presence of numerous duplicate websites.

With every new update, anticipate additional features and bug fixes, solidifying YoWhatsApp Apk as a top contender. We’ve recently updated the YoWa version for your benefit, and our commitment to keeping it current ensures our website remains at the forefront. Simply bookmark Yowayousef.com in your browser or type ‘yowayousef’ in your Google search for easy access to this page in the future. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your continued support.

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