What Does “WBY” Mean on Snapchat?

“WBY” is a common acronym used on Snapchat that stands for “What’s been up?” It’s a casual way to ask someone what’s going on in their life and invite them to share updates and recent stories. On Snapchat, WBY is often used as a conversation starter, especially if you haven’t talked to someone in a while. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about WBY on Snapchat, including when to use it, example conversations, and other meanings. Keep reading to become a pro at using WBY in your Snapchats.

What Is WBY?

WBY stands for the question “What’s been up?” It’s commonly used on Snapchat as a casual way to ask someone what’s been going on in their life recently and invite them to share updates. Rather than asking “How are you?” or “What’s new?” using WBY on Snapchat opens the conversation for the other person to provide details and stories about what they’ve been up to lately. It shows interest in their activities and life events.

WBY is often used when reconnecting with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while on Snapchat. For example, if you haven’t talked to a friend from high school for a few months, you might say “WBY?” to check in and catch up. Using WBY allows the other person to control the direction of the conversation based on what they want to share. It gives them the opportunity to dive into topics they’re excited about without too much direction or probing from you.

When To Use WBY on Snapchat?

When To Use WBY on Snapchat

Here are some common situations when using WBY is appropriate on Snapchat:

  • Casual Conversations: WBY is great for starting casual conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and peers. It sets an inviting tone to share what’s been happening without an agenda.
  • Sharing Updates: If you have some exciting news or updates to tell someone, WBY allows you to share those in a natural way when they ask what’s been up with you lately.
  • Making Plans: Asking WBY is a natural segue into making plans. Based on their response about what they’ve been up to, you can suggest getting together to continue the fun.
  • Discussing Hobbies: WBY gives people an opening to dive into and discuss hobbies they’re involved in or interested in trying out.
  • Reconnecting : When you haven’t spoken to someone in a while that you want to reconnect with, WBY is the perfect icebreaker to get conversation flowing again.

Common Examples of Use

Here are some examples of how WBY is commonly used in Snapchat conversations:

Friend: Hey! WBY?

You: Not much, just working a lot lately. Went on a hike last weekend which was nice. WBY? 

Friend: Nice! I’m doing well. I actually have some big news: I got a new job.

You: Wow congrats, that’s awesome! What’s the job?

In this example, your friend used WBY to start a casual conversation and catch up. You shared some everyday updates about work and a recent hiking trip in response. Then when you asked WBY, your friend had some exciting career news to share back. 

Old Classmate: WBY? Long time no chat

You: Hey! Good to hear from you. WBY? I’ve been good – moved to a new apartment downtown last month so that’s been an adjustment but really liking the city vibe. What’s new with you?

Old Classmate: Awesome, congrats on the new place. I’ve been doing really well too. Finally took the plunge and adopted a dog last week.

Here your old classmate used WBY to reconnect and check in after not speaking for a while. You responded with updates about your recent move before turning the question back on them. WBY opened the door for your classmate to share about their new furry friend.

Does WBY Mean Anything Else?

Does WBY Mean Anything Else

Outside of Snapchat, WBY is sometimes used in texting and messaging as a shorthand for:

  • What’s been up
  • What about you?
  • What’s going on? 

The acronym is most commonly associated with Snapchat conversations though. On other platforms like texting, people typically use “what’s up” or “what’s going on” more often. But the meaning is similar – WBY is a casual way to check in and invite someone to share what’s happening in their life. On Snapchat, it’s well-known as a way to restart conversations and catch up.

How “WBY” Is Used On Snapchat 

How “WBY” Is Used On Snapchat 

Snappers have adapted WBY into common shorthand to reconnect with friends or peers on the platform. Here’s a deeper look at how it’s used specifically on Snapchat:

Conversation Starter

WBY makes for an easy, low-pressure way to get conversations started again after some time has passed. Rather than jumping right into making plans or sharing information, WBY allows the other person to control the direction initially.

Reigniting Relationships

Snapchat lends itself to periods of radio silence between users. WBY can reignite dormant relationships by signaling interest in what the other person is up to now. It’s a friendly check-in even if you haven’t talked in weeks or months.

Casual Tone

Compared to “how are you?” or “what’s new?” WBY sets a casual, conversational tone from the start. It’s chill and inviting rather than overly formal. For Snapchat’s generally younger users, WBY matches the laidback style. 


While yes/no questions can lead to stilted conversations, WBY is completely open-ended. The recipient can interpret it broadly and respond with whatever updates or stories they want to share. There’s no wrong answer.


WBY invites users to customize their responses based on their own lives and interests. Do you want to gush about a new relationship? Complaining about your job? Share vacation photos? WBY gives you the flexibility. 

Frequent Use

Given Snapchat’s ephemeral culture, users tend to follow patterns and shorthand. WBY has emerged as the common way to reconnect and check-in with Snapchat contacts after a period of silence.


How do you use WBY in a sentence?

Examples of using WBY in a sentence on Snapchat include “Just finished my homework, finally WBY?” and “Waiting in line forever at the DMV. WBY doing this today?”

When shouldn’t you use WBY?

You generally wouldn’t use WBY if the conversation is serious or negative in nature. It’s best suited for lighthearted chatting rather than deep discussions or venting about problems.

Is WBY only used on Snapchat?

While WBY became popular as a way to have back-and-forth conversations on Snapchat, some people also use it in text messages. But it remains primarily associated with the casual sharing culture on Snapchat.


In closing, WBY seamlessly integrated into Snapchat lingo as a playful way to engage friends through photo-messaging. With a simple three-letter structure expressing the familiar question of “What about you?”, WBY keeps exchanges lively and light while strengthening connections between Snapchat pals.

The acronym’s meaning and role in casual Snapchat conversations becomes second nature among frequent app users. Though unfamiliar at first, WBY provides an intuitive way to have fun, back-and-forth discussions on the popular social media platform.

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