What Does “IDEK” Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among younger users. Its fun features like filters, lenses, and disappearing messages have made it a favorite way to communicate. But if you’re new to Snapchat, you may be confused by some of the slang and abbreviations people use in their messages and stories. One abbreviation you may see pop up frequently is “IDEK.” So what exactly does “IDEK” mean on Snapchat? Read on to find out.

What Is ‘IDEK’?

What Is ‘IDEK’

“IDEK” stands for “I don’t even know.” It’s used to express confusion, disbelief, or lack of understanding about something. For example, if someone tells you a far-fetched story, you might respond with “IDEK” to convey that you’re so confused by what they said that you don’t even know how to process it. On Snapchat specifically, people often use “IDEK” in response to something totally random, weird, or unexpected that someone sends them. For instance, if your friend sends you a Snap out of nowhere with a strange filter or random question, replying “IDEK” would make sense. It signals that you have no idea what they’re talking about or why they’re asking you that.

“IDEK” can also be used when you genuinely don’t have an answer to a question. If someone asks you something you don’t know the answer to, you can respond with “IDEK” to admit you have no clue. It’s a casual way to say you have zero knowledge about whatever topic they’re inquiring about. The abbreviation is popular on Snapchat because the platform is all about quick, informal communication. “IDEK” gets the point across efficiently that you’re lost, puzzled, or just drawing a blank. The casual tone fits right in with Snapchat’s fun, conversational style.

How Is ‘IDEK’ Used?

How Is ‘IDEK’ Used

There are a few different ways people use “IDEK” in Snapchat messages and stories:

  • As a reply to a confusing Snap

If you open a Snap that makes no sense or surprises you, respond with “IDEK” to convey your bewilderment. For example, if your friend sends you a video of them doing something totally random like dancing with a mop, you could say “IDEK” to show you have no idea what’s going on.

  • To express disbelief

If someone tells you something unbelievable or shocking on Snapchat, say “IDEK” to show you can’t even comprehend it. For instance, if they claim they just ran into a celebrity at the grocery store, reply with “IDEK” to show you’re skeptical. 

  • As a response to a random question

If you receive an out-of-nowhere question about something you know nothing about, use “IDEK” to admit you have zero clue. For example, if someone asks “What’s the capital of Kazakhstan?” you could say “IDEK” since you likely don’t have that random fact handy.

  • To shrug off an awkward moment

Sometimes people send Snaps they regret and then quickly try to delete them before you view them. If you manage to see an embarrassing or awkward Snap before it disappears, you can respond “IDEK” as a way to brush past it without making things more uncomfortable.

  • To express that you’re mind-blown

If your friend sends you something so cool, impressive or crazy that it practically short-circuits your brain, let them know by responding “IDEK.” It shows they’ve left you totally floored and amazed.

  • As a nonsense filler message

Some people will send “IDEK” on its own just as a random filler message to keep a Snapstreak going or to start an open-ended conversation.

When To Use ‘IDEK’ on Snapchat  

When To Use ‘IDEK’ on Snapchat  

There are no hard rules for when to use “IDEK” on Snapchat, but here are some common situations where it tends to come in handy:

Replying to Super Random Snaps

As mentioned earlier, if someone sends you a really random Snap with no context, “IDEK” is a great reply. It lightheartedly conveys that you have absolutely no idea what that was about, but no offense taken! For example, your pal might Snap you a video of their foot wearing a dinosaur costume sock for no reason. Answering with “IDEK” pokes fun at the randomness.

When You’re Genuinely Confused

If a friend references an inside joke you don’t remember or brings up a person/story you know nothing about, tell them “IDEK” to clue them in to your confusion. This can prevent miscommunication down the line if they wrongly assume you’re on the same page.

Responding to Clickbait Questions 

Sometimes friends will send clickbait-style questions on Snapchat, like “You’ll never believe what I just did!” If you have no idea what they’re referring to, go ahead and reply “IDEK” to call out the clickbait and convey your curiosity.

When You Can’t Think of Anything Else to Say

Drawing a blank and can’t think of a witty or interesting response? No sweat – “IDEK” can save you. It’s a safe, catch-all reaction that keeps the convo going until you collect your thoughts. Just don’t rely on it too much or conversations could get stale fast.

Calling Out Exaggerations

If a pal is prone to exaggerating or embellishing stories, a well-placed “IDEK” can jokingly express your skepticism towards any far-fetched tales they tell. Just don’t overuse it or they might think you never believe anything they say.

How To Reply When You Receive a Message With ‘IDEK’

How To Reply When You Receive a Message With ‘IDEK’

When someone sends you “IDEK” on Snapchat, how you respond depends on the context:

  • If it seemed like a playful way to brush off something awkward you shared, reassure them “No worries!” to show it’s all good. 
  • If they used it because a Snap genuinely confused them, clarify what you meant or provide more background on what they’re missing.
  • If you asked them a random question and they said “IDEK,” rephrase your question or explain why you were asking. 
  • If it seems like they’re just using “IDEK” as a conversation filler, try steering the chat to a new topic or asking them an interesting question.
  • If they responded that way to an unbelievable story, offer proof or more details to validate the tale.
  • Consider whether your last Snap called for a more substantial response from them. If so, you can gently nudge them to engage more, like “Hmm yeah not sure what to make of that, any thoughts?”

The key is to analyze the intention behind them using “IDEK” and tailor your reply accordingly. Keep the conversation flowing in a positive direction. With the right response, you can turn an “IDEK” into deeper discussion!


What does “IDEK” stand for on Snapchat?

“IDEK” stands for “I don’t even know” on Snapchat and other platforms. It expresses confusion, disbelief, or lack of understanding.

When would you use “IDEK” on Snapchat? 

You can use “IDEK” on Snapchat when replying to something super random or confusing, expressing skepticism about an unbelievable story, or shrugging off an awkward moment.

Is “IDEK” rude to use on Snapchat?

“IDEK” is not necessarily rude on its own – it just signals you’re genuinely confused or surprised. But overusing it could come off as dismissive or uninterested.

How do you keep the conversation going after an “IDEK”?

If someone replies “IDEK” to your Snap, provide more context, steer the chat to a new topic, or nudge them to engage more deeply. The key is tailoring your response to the specific situation.


In summary, “IDEK” is a popular abbreviation on Snapchat that means “I don’t even know.” It’s used to express confusion, disbelief, lack of understanding, or just a general mind-blown reaction to something unexpected. People often use it in response to random Snaps, unbelievable stories, confusing inside jokes, or out-of-nowhere questions. While “IDEK” can sometimes shut down conversation if overused, in moderation it adds a casual, conversational tone that fits right in on the platform. With the right reply, an “IDEK” message can blossom into an entertaining chat. So go ahead and embrace this quirky acronym just use it wisely.

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