Instagram Wrapped APK (Android and iOS) Fixed

Instagram Wrapped is an unofficial third-party app that provides users with insights and statistics about their Instagram activity over the past year. It works similarly to Spotify Wrapped, generating a personalized in-app story and profile summarizing users’ top posts, most liked photos, frequently used filters, and more. 

The Instagram Wrapped APK can be installed on Android devices to access the experience, while iOS users can access a web-based version. It offers a fun way for Instagram users to reflect on their greatest hits and get a data-driven overview of their activity from the year.

How to use Instagram Wrapped APK

How to use Instagram Wrapped APK

Using Instagram Wrapped involves first downloading the APK file for Android from the provider’s website. The APK can then be installed on your device by enabling APK install from unknown sources in your Android settings temporarily. Once installed, open the Instagram Wrapped app and login using your Instagram username and password. The app will then sync with your Instagram account data and generate your personalized Instagram Wrapped experience.

This includes stats on your followers, likes, top posts, stories, filters used, frequently interacted accounts, and more. The data is formatted into an in-app story-like display that you can browse through. iOS users can access similar Wrapped summaries through the Instagram Wrapped website by logging in with their Instagram accounts.

My Personal Experience of Using It

I first came across Instagram Wrapped while searching for analytics apps to help me improve my Instagram strategy for 2023. As someone who loves recapping my year with Spotify Wrapped, I was thrilled to discover there was an Instagram version too. Installing the APK on my Android took just a couple minutes. I logged in seamlessly with my Instagram credentials. The sync was super quick and before I knew it, I was looking at my personalized Instagram Wrapped story.

It was eye-opening and super fun to swipe through the slides seeing my top nine most liked posts, most used filters, dedicated followers list, and other stats. As a visual learner, seeing the data laid out creatively like this helped it sink in more than just looking at numbers. I appreciated little extras like the ability to share my Wrapped summary to my feed. This let me engage my followers in reflecting on our year together on Instagram! Overall I found Instagram Wrapped to be enlightening and entertaining, and plan to use it yearly to help guide my Instagram strategy.

Instagram Wrapped Not Working

Instagram Wrapped Not Working

While Instagram Wrapped provides a fun recap of users’ annual Instagram stats, the unofficial app can be prone to glitches or errors preventing it from working properly. Here are some common issues and fixes:

**Can’t Login:** Double check your Instagram username and password are correct. There could be a temporary login issue. Try again later. **Can’t Connect Account:** The app may be having connectivity issues. Try reinstalling the app or logging out and back in.

**Won’t Generate Wrapped:** Give the app time to fully sync your account data, which can take a few minutes. Close and reopen the app. ** Missing Stats/Posts:** The app may not have access to your full history. Log out, log back in, then give the app a few hours to sync properly. **Glitches and Crashes:** The unofficial nature of the app means occasional bugs. Make sure you have the latest version. Reinstall if needed. **iOS Issues:** The iOS web version is more prone to performance issues. Use the Android APK version if possible for best results.

If Instagram Wrapped continues not working properly, contact the app developer for support troubleshooting the issues.

Download Instagram Wrapped APK (Create a table)

Icon ImageWrapped
About this appIg Wrapped is here!!
How to get your IG Wrapped:1) Download your data export from Ig
2) Import it into Wrapped
3) Share results on Instagram
Have fun!
Wrapped Diamond users have access to:– Exclusive access to newly added analytics
– More in-depth data on their slides
– Weekly Wrapped summaries of their data
Wrapped DiamondA paid renewable subscription at
Updated on4 Nov 2023
Downloads50,000+ downloads
Content ratingRated for 3+ (Learn more)
PermissionView details
Compatibility for your active devices– Samsung SM-M336BU: Version 1.0, works on devices with Android 5.1 and up
– Realme RMX2185: Version 1.0, works on devices with Android 5.1 and up
Download size26 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
Realme RMX2185– Version 1.0, works on your device
Compatibility– Works on your device

Here are the steps to download and install the Instagram Wrapped APK on your Android device:

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security and check the “Unknown Sources” option. This enables installing from non-Play Store APKs. 
  2. Open your web browser and go to the Instagram Wrapped APK download page. Click “Download APK” and OK to confirm.
  3. Once downloaded, open your file manager and find the Instagram Wrapped APK file. Select it.
  4. In the prompt, tap Install. The app will begin installing on your device.
  5. After installation, you can open Instagram Wrapped and log in with your Instagram account.

Be sure to turn off “Unknown Sources” again after installing for security. Also make sure to download the APK only from the official Instagram Wrapped site for safety.

Features and benefits of Instagram Wrapped APK

Features and benefits of Instagram Wrapped APK

Some of the key features and benefits of using the Instagram Wrapped APK include:

  • Yearly insights: Get a recap of your highlights and key stats from the year. 
  • Top posts: See your most liked posts, most commented posts, and when you posted them.
  • Highlights reel: Wrapped generates a reel using your iconic moments and top nine photos.
  • Follower growth stats: Track when and how quickly your followers grew.
  • Traffic sources:Understand where profile visits are coming from.
  • Stories recap: Relive your top stories and see how many you posted.
  • Aesthetic analysis: Discover your most used filters, hashtags, and post settings.
  • Shareable results: Easily share your Wrapped story out to your Instagram followers.

Tips and tricks for using Instagram Wrapped APK

Tips and Tricks for Instagram Wrapped APK
1. Log in and Sync Early
Log in and sync your account 1-2 weeks before your results to ensure full data access.
2. Share Your Wrapped Story
Engage your followers by sharing your Wrapped story, spreading positivity and cheer.
3. Review Insights
Explore insights to discover your most effective posting times, top aesthetics, and other trends for refining your 2023 strategy.
4. Year-over-Year Comparison
Compare your Wrapped results year over year to measure growth milestones and track your Instagram evolution.
5. Save Wrapped Summaries
Save your Wrapped summaries each year for a nostalgic look back on how your Instagram presence has evolved.
6. Interactive Wrapped Story
Make your Wrapped story interactive by prompting followers to comment on their favorite post from your highlights.
7. Utilize Follower Growth Insights
Use follower growth insights to plan engaging giveaways and challenges for the new year.
8. Analyze Traffic Sources
Analyze traffic sources to identify which profiles or tags drive the most brand awareness and refine your engagement strategy accordingly.

How does this Wrapped Insta App Work?

The Instagram Wrapped app provides users with their personalized annual Instagram statistics by syncing with and accessing their profile data behind the scenes. Here is an overview of how the app works its magic:

First, Instagram Wrapped requires users to log into their Instagram account through the app. This grants the app access and permissions to retrieve information associated with their profile.

Next, the app’s technology and algorithms get to work analyzing the user’s account activity over the past year. This includes tallying up metrics like posts, likes, comments, followers, stories, and more.

The app detects metadata like locations, filters, hashtags, captions, and traffic sources to identify trends and patterns in the user’s posting style and engagement. All this data is formatted into dynamic graphics, charts, cards, and text to generate a fun digestible “story” experience revealing the user’s Wrapped Instagram stats for the year. Users can then easily browse through the story slides pulling insights about their usage, top nine posts, achievements, and other analytics recapping their year on Instagram.

Is it Safe to install, or Virus free?

Instagram Wrapped is not an official Instagram app, so use caution when installing third-party apps. Only download from the verified source website. Scan for malware: Many android devices have built-in malware scanners you can run to double check the APK before installing. The app requires access to your Instagram data, so be comfortable granting permissions and sharing your usage information. Only enter login credentials within the Instagram Wrapped app itself for security. Consider setting up a separate Instagram account solely for use in accessing Wrapped insights if you have privacy concerns. The app cannot directly post or edit anything from your connected Instagram account without additional prompts. No evidence suggests the Instagram Wrapped APK contains viruses or serious security threats for users at this time. As with any app, proceed at your own discretion.

Steps to Use the App

  1. Download and install the verified Instagram Wrapped APK on your Android device.
  2. Open Instagram Wrapped and tap to login with your Instagram username and password when prompted.
  3. Allow the app access by agreeing to share your Instagram profile data when asked.
  4. Let the app sync your account information, which may take a few minutes. 
  5. Once syncing completes, you can browse through your personalized Instagram Wrapped story.

Data and stats about Instagram Wrapped APK

Data and stats about Instagram Wrapped APK

The Instagram Wrapped APK provides users with a robust set of data and statistics about their Instagram account over the past year. Some of the key analytics and insights included in Wrapped are:

  • Follower Growth: See new followers gained by month and your total growth for the year.
  • Top Posts: Your 9 most liked posts along with the specific like counts for each.
  • Most Commented: Posts that sparked the most conversation based on comment volume.
  • Story Stats: Total stories posted and breakdowns of how many were polls, questions, etc. 
  • Top Locations: Locations tagged most frequently in geotagged posts.
  • Top Hashtags: Most commonly used hashtags in your captions.
  • Top Filters: Your most frequently used filters and editing tools for photos.
  • Peak Engagement Windows: When you tend to get most likes and comments on new posts. 
  • Traffic Sources: Where your profile visitors are coming from – hashtags, other profiles, Explore page, etc.

Here are some specific examples of how users can use Instagram Wrapped APK data and stats

  • Identify your top-performing post types and aesthetics based on highest engagement to recreate what works.
  • Plan content upgrades focusing on your top hashtags and locations that resonate with your audience. 
  • Learn the best post timing for your audience based on peak traffic windows in your Wrapped results.
  • Refine your Instagram bio and links to drive more followers from your top traffic sources like hashtags.
  • Set 2023 engagement and growth goals based on your follower growth and top posts benchmarked in Wrapped. 
  • Craft more interactive polls and questions in Stories based on Wrapped insights of what gets engagement.
  • Share achievements like “Posted 300+ Stories This Year” from Wrapped results to celebrate growth with followers.

Final Thought

While unofficial, Instagram Wrapped offers an entertaining recap of users’ Instagram journeys. The data and visual format provide insights to help refine your strategy. As with any app, use caution when granting data access. But the chance to celebrate your Instagram year and engage your community makes Wrapped a fun tool for creators and businesses to try out.

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