Can Your Snapchat Score Go Up? 

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teens and young adults. One of the app’s most intriguing features is the Snapchat score – a number that offers insight into someone’s activity level on the platform. 

Many Snapchat users obsess over their Snapchat Score and wonder if it can be increased quickly. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know, including what Snapchat Score represents, how to raise your score fast, and common questions surrounding the metric.

What is Snapchat Score?

Your Snapchat Score is a number displayed below your username on your profile. This score represents your overall activity and engagement on Snapchat. 

Some key things to know about Snap Score:

  • It goes up when you post content or view the snaps and stories of your friends
  • There’s no limit, so scores can reach into the millions for highly active users
  • You can see your friends’ Snapchat Scores to compare activity levels
  • It can function as a status symbol – users with higher scores appear more popular

Snapchat does not share their exact Snap Score Calculation, but sending snaps, viewing stories, using lenses/filters, and interacting in the chat screen can all help raise your score.

How is Snapchat Score Calculated?

How is Snapchat Score Calculated

While the exact formula remains a mystery, Snapchat has hinted that the more you snap, the higher your score. Activities know to impact your score include:

Sending Photo and Video Snaps: Snapping photos, short videos, and messages to friends earns points.

Viewing Stories: Watching Snapchat Stories posted by those you follow helps your score go up. 

Chatting: Sending chat messages back and forth, especially in active group message threads.

Using Lenses/Geofilters: Personalizing your snaps with fun augments and location tags ups your engagement. 

Interacting on Snap Map: Publicly posting on your Snap Map unlock multipliers.

So being active daily on Snapchat in a variety of ways contributes to a higher Snapchat Score. Just how many points are earned per action is unclear, but the rankings make it fun to compare yourself to friends.

Does Your Snapchat Score Go Up Automatically?

The good news is yes. Your Snapchat Score has the ability to grow automatically, even without actively posting snaps.

Here are some of the ways your score goes up passively:

  • When you open Snaps sent to you
  • Viewing stories posted by those you follow 
  • Receiving chat messages from friends

So even just opening Snapchat daily to view new content gives your score a boost. Increased engagement earns you higher points.

What Happens When You Receive a Snap?

What Happens When You Receive a Snap

When someone sends you a snap, your Snapchat score will go up simply for opening it. Even if you only view a snap for 1 second, it still registers in the system and adds points. 

The same goes for unread Chat messages – just by having the app open and receiving messages, your score increments up automatically.

Do Views of My Content Impact Score? 

Yes and no. Your Snapchat score does not directly account for views or screenshots of content you share to your Story or send directly to friends.  However, having more people view, comment on, and share your snaps likely increases engagement overall. And that results in friends sending, viewing, and chatting more often – all helping your score over time.

So while views don’t equate directly into points, increased interest and activity from your audience builds engagement behaviors that ultimately show in your score.

Can You Increase Your Snap Score Quickly? 

For those wondering “does Snapchat score go up fast?” – the answer is absolutely. There are many creative ways to give your score a big push upwards.

Here are 5 proven tips to increase your Snapchat score fast:

  1. Open All Snaps: Start by making sure to tap every unread snap sent your way. This registers additional points. 
  2. Tap All Stories: Be sure to also view all stories published by friends. More views means a higher score.
  3. Add More Friends: Expand your friend network for more opportunities to send, receive, and view snaps.   
  4. Replay Snaps: You can replay a snap once. Replay your favorites for a double score boost.
  5. Engage with Snap Map: Posting publicly to your Snap Map unlocks a score multiplier.

Posting your own Photo and Video Snaps also earns higher engagement, as does messaging friends directly. The more active you are, the faster that score climbs upwards.

Power User Tip: Unlock Snapchat Score Multipliers

Power User Tip: Unlock Snapchat Score Multipliers

Want your Snapchat score to reach elite levels? Power users know certain behaviors act as special multipliers for Snapchat score algorithms.

Here are the key Snapchat activities that can multiply your points:

Group Chats: Joining (or better yet – hosting) group chat threads unlocks big engagement potential. For each person who views and interacts in the group chat, YOUR score benefits. Just one active group message can lead to 100s if not 1000s extra points.

Snap Map Posts: Opting to post Snaps publicly to your Snap Map makes them visible to more users. Public social snaps multiply standard points since more people can view and share them. Location tags also help due to relevance algorithms.

Snapstreaks: When you and a friend have snapped back and forth for 3+ consecutive days, you trigger a Snapstreak notification. Maintaining long-running streaks signals you as a highly engaged user, unlocking multipliers.

Live Stories: Sharing to Our Stories or crowdsourced Stories during events can reach wider audiences if your snaps get promoted. And bigger viewership means bigger points.

Smart Snapchatters utilize these special types of Snaps whenever possible to tap into score multipliers most don’t even realize exist.

How to Gain Followers Fast on Snapchat

Gaining more Snapchat friends and followers represents a major opportunity to increase your overall Snap Score. After all, more views and interactions on your Snaps directly translates into higher score.

Here are 5 proven ways to get more friends and followers quickly on the app:

  1. Leverage Other Social Accounts: Promote your Snapchat from your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other social platforms to drive followers. 
  2. Run Snapchat Contests/Giveaways: Incentivize fans to follow you for a chance to win prizes. Creative contests do well to attract followers.
  3. Cross-Promote with Nano/Micro Influencers: Team up for Snap takeovers or shoutouts offers in exchange for sharing follower bases.
  4. Use Snap-Optimized Hashtags: Include relevant hashtags so people can find and follow you more easily based on shared interests.
  5. Contact Export Snap Friends to Followers List: Sync friends from Quick Add to gain new engaged followers fast.   

The more connections made on Snapchat, the more scope for driving up your Snap Score over time.

Why Did My Snapchat Score Go Down?

While usually on an upward trajectory, some users may notice their Snapchat Score decreasing suddenly. Common reasons for drops in your score include:

  • Unadding friends or getting unadded removes opportunities for engagement
  • Not regularly viewing the Snaps and Stories sent by your network  
  • Having your account banned or deactivated by Snapchat (usually due to violations of terms).

Essentially – falling out of touch with friends leads to falling scores.  

Can Someone Else Reduce Your Snapchat Score?

Can Someone Else Reduce Your Snapchat Score

No, the only entity that can actively deduct points from your Snapchat Score is Snapchat themselves. Friends or other Snapchat users do NOT have the ability or controls to manually reduce your individual score.

However, people can contribute to your score going down indirectly in a couple ways:

Unadding or blocking you: When someone unfriends or blocks your account, it means you permanently lose access to sending snaps to that person or viewing their content. All of those engagement opportunities to earn points disappear when you lose a friend, slightly reducing your overall score growth velocity.

Reduced Engagement: Similarly, if multiple people stop opening or viewing your snaps frequently over time, that lack of reciprocation causes your score growth to slow. Lost friends or disengaged friends reduce potential interactions, lowering your daily score gains.

But no need to worry about anyone directly sabotaging your score out of spite. Friends can only cost you points indirectly by removing your access to send/receive snaps with them.  

Pro Tips for Increasing Your Snapchat Score  

Ready to step up your Snapchat game and unlock seriously high scores? Use these expert techniques:

  • Send Snaps daily: Consistently share both photos and videos with creative captions.  
  • Join Group Chats: Participate in group message threads with friends. 
  • Post intriguing Stories: Share music, photos, videos, and thoughts via your Story.
  • Use fun Lenses/Geofilters: Personalize snaps with quirky effects and location tags.   
  • Ask followers questions: Engage your audience by prompting responses in Snaps.

Creative Snapchat Contest Ideas

Running a contests is a great way to boost engagement and score quickly.

Here are some creative Snapchat contest ideas to try:

Snapshot Challenge: Prompt followers to snap a creative photo around a central theme (i.e. “Funniest Selfie”) for a chance to win when you repost the best entry.

Caption Contest: Share an intriguing snap image and have followers submit their wittiest caption for it via chat. Judge the best one to feature.

Scavenger Hunt: Send a daily snap with a new object/location to hunt down for bonus entries to win a big weekly prize.

User-Generated Content Contests: Ask followers to create and submit original stories, lenses, geofilters or concepts for you to showcase.

Poll Games: Send a snap poll prompt with two options and offer a prize for one random person who responds or has the most popular choice. 

Trivia Contests: Keep fans engaged by sending a daily trivia question in chat and rewarding those with the fastest correct answers. 

Sponsored Challenges: Partner with a brand to create a custom sponsored challenge for your audience to participate in.

Get creative in providing fun reasons for your community to engage more on Snapchat. The more eyes you can get viewing, responding to, and sharing your Snaps, the faster your Snapchat Score will increase.

Leverage Snapchat’s Unique Features

Leverage Snapchat’s Unique Features

While Snapchat may have originally gained fame for ephemeral photo and video messages, the platform has significantly expanded capabilities over the years. Take advantage of often-overlooked Snapchat features that can uniquely captivate audiences unlike other social networks:

Lenses: Go beyond basic filters by having fun with face-altering and environment effects lenses. Unlock bonus lenses by engaging with sponsored ones.

Geofilters: Enable geofilter lenses for a fancy location tag overlay and simultaneously increase visibility/reach thanks to geographic algorithms.  

Snap Originals: Feature or create binge-worthy Shows with compelling vertical video content to em

Final Thought

At the end of the day, don’t get too preoccupied with obsessively monitoring your Snapchat score. While the points system is designed to encourage engagement, what matters most is that you genuinely enjoy connecting with friends and expressing yourself creatively via Snaps.

Approach building your score as an organic byproduct of actively using Snapchat to share life moments, participate in conversations, and having fun with the platform’s unique features.

If you want your score to climb higher, do so by focusing more on providing value to your connections by sending amusing Snaps or by creatively contributing to Stories. Don’t stress about the numbers, just look for meaningful ways to interact more.

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