How To Tell If Someone Has Snapchat Premium?

Curious about Snapchat Premium? Snapchat Premium, a subscription service offered by Snapchat, allows users to access a variety of exclusive features and content for a monthly fee. With Snapchat Premium, users can enjoy benefits such as enhanced privacy, access to premium stories, and more.

It’s natural to be curious about whether someone you know has Snapchat Premium. This article will guide you on ‘How To Tell If Someone Has Snapchat Premium?’ and provide insights into what this subscription entails.

What Is Snapchat Premium

Snapchat Premium refers to a subscription-based feature on the popular multimedia messaging app, Snapchat. It allows users, often content creators, to monetize their content by offering exclusive, uncensored, and premium content to their subscribers for a fee. 

Subscribers gain access to private stories, photos, and videos that are not available to the general public. It has become a platform for individuals, especially in the adult entertainment industry, to connect with their fans and generate income through a more intimate and personalized experience.

Snapchat Premium offers a unique way for content creators to engage with their audience and build a loyal following.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced Privacy on Snapchat Premium offers users an elevated level of confidentiality and control over their shared content. With features like self-destructing messages and end-to-end encryption, conversations remain private and secure. 

Premium users have the ability to limit who can view their Stories and can even customize their friend lists for added discretion. This subscription service ensures that your personal moments and interactions are shielded from prying eyes, making Snapchat Premium a top choice for those valuing their online privacy.

Hidden Stories

Snapchat Premium allows users to hide their stories from specific individuals or make them accessible to a select group of friends, providing enhanced privacy control.

Quick Delete

With this feature, users can quickly delete a sent message or media from the recipient’s chat, adding an extra layer of confidentiality.

Premium Stories

Access to Premium Content

Subscribers can view premium stories, which may include content from celebrities, influencers, or exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Early Access

Premium users often get early access to new features and filters, providing an enriched Snapchat experience.

Custom Bitmoji Avatars

Premium users can enjoy more customization options for their Bitmoji avatars, allowing them to express their unique personalities.

Extra Replays

Premium subscribers can get additional replays to view Snaps again, increasing the flexibility of their Snapchat interactions.

Snap Originals

Access to Snapchat Originals, exclusive shows produced by Snapchat, is another perk of having Snapchat Premium.

Now that we understand what Snapchat Premium offers, let’s explore how to identify if someone has it.

Check for Exclusive Features

Snapchat Premium offers unique features that standard users don’t have access to. Look for these features when interacting with a user to determine if they have a premium account:

Hidden Stories

If the user frequently hides their stories from you or uses the quick delete option, this might indicate they have Snapchat Premium.

Access to Premium Stories

If you see them viewing premium content or Snapchat Originals, it’s a strong indicator that they have a premium subscription.

Custom Bitmoji Avatars

Observe if their Bitmoji avatar is highly customized, which is a feature available to premium users.

Extra Replays

If you notice they are using extra replays frequently, it could suggest they have Snapchat Premium.

Inquire Directly

The most straightforward way to find out if someone has Snapchat Premium is to ask them. Politely inquire about their subscription status, and they may be willing to share this information with you. Keep in mind that some users may prefer to keep their subscription status private, so be respectful in your approach.

Observe Usage Patterns

You can also analyze the user’s behavior and Snapchat activity to make an informed guess:

Frequent Use of Premium Features

If you see them consistently using features like hidden stories, quick delete, or custom Bitmoji avatars, it’s likely they have Snapchat Premium.

Active Viewing of Premium Stories

If they are avid consumers of premium content, it’s a strong sign that they have a premium subscription.

Consistent Early Access

If they frequently enjoy early access to new features and filters, it’s another indicator of Snapchat Premium.

Check for a Subscribed Badge

While Snapchat does not provide a specific badge for premium users, some users may choose to include a badge or emoji in their display name to indicate their premium status. Keep an eye out for these self-identifying symbols.

Mutual Friends

If you have mutual friends with the user in question, consider asking your common contacts if they know about the user’s subscription status or what does the grey circle on Snapchat mean. They may have inside information or be able to confirm whether the person has Snapchat Premium.

Snapchat Score

TopicSnapchat Score
DefinitionA numerical representation of a user’s activity on Snapchat.
CalculationBased on various Snapchat activities, such as sending and receiving snaps, stories, and engagement.
PurposeReflects a user’s Snapchat usage and interaction with friends.
Public or PrivateSnapchat Scores are private and only visible to the user.
How to IncreaseSending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and engaging with friends’ content.
Influence on Snapchat ExperiencePrimarily a personal metric, it doesn’t affect the features or content you see on the app.
GamificationSome users view it as a game, striving to increase their scores for fun.

User Testimonials

Some Snapchat Premium users may openly promote their premium accounts on other social media platforms, providing direct confirmation of their premium status. Look for posts, stories, or testimonials from the user confirming their subscription.

What to Do if You Suspect Someone Has Snapchat Premium

If you suspect someone has Snapchat Premium and you’d like to learn more about it or explore premium content, consider the following steps:

Respect Their Privacy

Keep in mind that whether or not someone has Snapchat Premium is a personal matter. If they choose not to share this information or their premium content with you, respect their decision.

Inquire Politely

If you’re comfortable doing so, politely inquire about their premium status and express your interest in understanding more about Snapchat Premium. Be considerate of their response, whether it’s positive or negative.

Explore Premium Content

If the user does have Snapchat Premium and is open to sharing premium content with you, take the opportunity to explore the exclusive features and stories available. This can help you understand the benefits of the subscription.

Consider Subscribing

If you’re impressed with the premium features, you might decide to subscribe to Snapchat Premium yourself. This way, you can enjoy the exclusive perks and content available to premium users.


Snapchat Premium offers a range of exclusive features and content for subscribers, making it an appealing option for many Snapchat users. While identifying whether someone has Snapchat Premium may not be straightforward, you can make educated guesses by observing their usage patterns, inquiring politely, or checking for premium features. 

It’s essential to respect their privacy and preferences when it comes to sharing their premium status. If you’re genuinely interested in Snapchat Premium, you can explore the subscription yourself to enjoy the benefits it offers. Remember that Snapchat Premium is a subscription service, and users who choose to subscribe can access its premium features and content at their discretion.

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