Download Instagram Reels Easily with These Top Tools

Instagram Reels have become a popular way for users to express their creativity and share fun short videos. To save and rewatch your favorite Reels, you’ll need a downloader tool. Read on for an in-depth guide on how to download Instagram Reels using the best free online tools. We’ll cover finding Reel links, downloading on mobile, getting HD quality videos, and more. Follow our simple steps to save Instagram Reels to your camera roll, computer, or cloud storage. Let’s dive in.

Get Your Favorite Instagram Reels in Seconds

Get Your Favorite Instagram Reels in Seconds

The rise of Reels has opened up new creative possibilities on Instagram. You can now make 15 to 60 second multi-clip videos enhanced with audio, effects, and creative tools. Reels go far beyond static photos in showcasing your personality and talents. They allow for more dynamic engagement and viral potential too. 

Naturally, you’ll want to save standout Reels to rewatch for inspiration and entertainment. Downloading also lets you store Reels long-term before they disappear from the app feed. The good news is downloading Reels is quick and easy with the right tools. Keep reading to learn how.

Fast and Easy Downloading

Fast and Easy Downloading

Specialized downloader sites and apps make saving Reels a total breeze. You simply copy the Reel URL link from the Instagram app and paste it into the tool. In just one click, your Reel video will be downloaded directly to your device or cloud storage. No complicated software or technical know-how required.

Most tools are completely web-based so there’s no signup or download needed. You can access them instantly anytime, anywhere to grab Reels in seconds. The straightforward interfaces walk you through an efficient, hassle-free downloading process. It’s the fastest way to save content for offline viewing and sharing.

High-Quality Downloads

You’ll get more than quick downloads. The top Reel downloader tools also preserve the highest possible video and audio quality. You can download in HD resolutions up to 1080p so Reels look crystal clear when watching later. No more grainy or pixelated videos.

Advanced converter technology extracts and converts the Reel source files to common formats like MP4. This maintains excellent quality while lowering file size for efficient saving and streaming. Downloaded Reels will have the same flawless image quality as when viewing them in the Instagram app.

Privacy and Security

Using third-party downloaders is completely safe and private. No login or personal details are required. The tools simply capture the public Reel content through Instagram’s API. Your information remains totally secure.

Most sites use SSL encryption and have strict privacy policies against collecting user data. You can feel confident downloading without compromises to privacy or safety. The process is anonymous. Just paste the link and hit download – that’s it.

How to Download Instagram Reels with BoxDownloader  

How to Download Instagram Reels with BoxDownloader  

Let’s walk through downloading Reels using one of the best and simplest tools: Box Downloader. Here are the quick steps:

Find the Instagram Reel you want to download

Open the Instagram app and navigate to the Reel post you want to save. Tap the three-dot menu button in the top right and select “Copy Link.” This copies the direct URL link that you’ll paste into the downloader.

Open Box Downloader and Paste the Link

Go to the Box Downloader site. You can access it from any device and browser. Paste the Instagram Reel link you copied into the input field. 

Click the “Download” button

Hit the prominent download button. Your Reel video will immediately start downloading in HD quality. A MP4 file will be saved straight to your device. And that’s all there is to it.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos on iPhone, iPad?

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos on iPhone, iPad

Downloading Reels on iPhone and iPad is just as fast and straightforward using Box Downloader:

  • Open the Instagram app and copy the Reel link from the three-dot menu. 
  • In Safari, head to the Box Downloader site. Paste the link into the input field.
  • Tap the download button. The Reel MP4 will save right to your Photos app.
  • You can access your downloaded Reels in Photos and save them to albums, share via AirDrop, text, social media, and more.

How to Download Instagram Reels Videos on Android?

On Android, downloading Reels with Box Downloader follows the same process:

  • In the Instagram app, copy the shareable link for the Reel you want. 
  • Launch Chrome and open the Box Downloader website. Paste in the link.
  • Hit download. The Reel MP4 will be saved to your device storage or SD card.  
  • Open your Files app to find the downloaded Reels. Share via messaging, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, etc.

Download Instagram Reels for Free and without Limits with Box Downloader

BoxDownloader is a completely free online tool anyone can use to download Instagram Reels with no hassle. Here are all the great benefits:

  • 100% Free: Unlimited downloading without paying anything.
  • No Signup Required: Just access the site and start downloading immediately.  
  • No Limits: Download as many Reels as you want. There are no caps or restrictions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Extremely easy to navigate and understand.
  • Fast Speeds: Lightning fast Reel downloading with optimal performance.
  • Original HD Quality: Maintains highest resolution available up to 1080p.
  • MP4 Format: Saves Reels as MP4s for universal compatibility.
  • Secure and Anonymous: No account needed and SSL encryption to protect privacy.
  • Any Device: Works seamlessly on desktop, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.
  • Updated Regularly: Developers keep it current as Instagram evolves.

Downloading Instagram Reels is legal?

Downloading Instagram Reels is legal

Yes, downloading Reels from public Instagram profiles through third-party tools is 100% legal. You are free to save social media content for personal use under fair use copyright principles. 

The tools simply capture the public content Instagram makes freely available. There is no hacking involved. The downloaders adhere to Instagram’s API terms and respect all copyrights. As long as you avoid sharing downloaded Reels in an unauthorized commercial capacity, it is perfectly legal.


What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short, creative videos up to 60 seconds long with audio, effects, editing tools, and more. Users can publish Reels to their profiles for followers to view, like, comment and share.  

How to Copy Instagram Reels Video Link/URL?

Tap the three-dot menu on a Reel post and select “Copy Link” to copy the direct URL. This is needed for pasting into a downloader tool.

What is the Highest Possible Video Resolution in Which I Can Download Instagram Reels Videos?

Most downloader tools can save Reels in Full HD 1080p resolution, preserving the highest quality available.

Is SmallSEOTools Insta Reel Downloader Free of Charge?

Yes, the SmallSEOTools downloader is completely free to use with no limits on downloads.

Can I download the Instagram reel video by link?

Yes, downloading Reels requires only the post link which contains the video file. Paste it into a downloader tool to save.

What Devices Are Compatible with Reels Downloader?

The web-based tools work seamlessly on all devices – iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc. No downloads or compatibility issues.

Is There a Limit to How Many Videos I Can Download?

No, there are no limits imposed. You can download as many Reels as you want through the tools.

Is it Possible to Download Reels Videos of Any User On Instagram?

Yes, as long as the Reel is published on a public Instagram profile, it can be downloaded through third-party tools.  

When I Save a Post, Does the User Get Notified?

No, downloading a public Reel does not notify or affect the user in any way. It is completely anonymous.


Instagram Reels showcase creativity and talent in short, fun video snippets. To save the best Reels for offline viewing and sharing, specialized downloader tools are essential. They allow fast, unlimited downloading in HD quality with total privacy. Follow our guide to seamlessly download any public Reel using sites like BoxDownloader. Saving great social media content for personal use is easy and legal.

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