Can You Freeze Your Snap Score?

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among young people. An interesting feature of Snapchat is the Snap score, which shows the total number of Snaps you’ve ever sent and received. Many Snapchat users wonder if there is a way to freeze or pause their Snap score. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about freezing your Snap score on Snapchat. We’ll cover whether it’s possible, how long you can freeze your score, methods to try, and steps to take if you want to hide your Snap score from others.

Can You Freeze Your Snap Score on Snapchat? 

At this time, Snapchat does not offer any built-in settings or options in the app to freeze or pause your Snap score. There is no way to prevent your total Snaps sent and received from increasing through the app’s native features. Your Snap score is designed to continually count up in the background automatically as you use Snapchat daily and interact with friends. Simply using Snapchat as normal will add to your tally. 

Turning on Airplane Mode or clearing the app’s cache may temporarily glitch your score display, but it will resume counting normally soon after. Unless Snapchat developers choose to add a native score freezing feature down the line, your Snap score cannot be frozen or stopped through Snapchat itself while actively using the app.

Can You Pause Your Snap Score with Snapchat Plus? 

Can You Pause Your Snap Score with Snapchat Plus

Unfortunately, even Snapchat Plus does not offer any way to freeze, pause, or prevent your Snap score from increasing. Snapchat Plus is Snapchat’s new premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features, but controlling your Snap score is not included. The Snapchat Plus perks focus more on enhanced Friend interactions, customization options, and access to certain data. Features include picking a custom Snapchat icon, seeing who rewatched your Stories, pinning your #1 BFFs, and more. 

But Snapchat Plus does not provide any ability to freeze, hide, or pause your Snap score. Your score will continue steadily increasing at the standard rate as you use Snapchat with or without a Snapchat Plus membership. Snap score freezing is not mentioned as a Snapchat Plus capability.

How to Decrease Your Snapchat Score 

While Snapchat doesn’t allow you to decrease your score, there are a couple minor actions that could slow down your score’s growth:

  • Delete old Snapchat friends who you no longer Snap with. This will prevent their future Snaps from increasing your score.
  • Block friends who frequently Snap you. This will stop their Snaps from being added to your total. 
  • Take a break from Snapchat if you don’t want your score to increase for a while.
  • Ask friends not to open your Snaps right away. Snaps only increase your score once opened.

But be aware your score won’t actually go down – Snapchat doesn’t let you subtract points. Your existing Snaps and interactions stay counted. The above tips merely prevent additional points being gained in the future. For the most part, your Snap score is designed to keep permanently increasing over time as you use Snapchat.

How Does Snapchat’s Score Go Up? 

How Does Snapchat's Score Go Up

Snapchat’s scoring system is very straightforward:

  • You gain 1 point for every Snap you send. 
  • You gain 1 point for every Snap you receive and open.

So your Snap score increases through your daily Snapchat interactions:

  • Sending Snaps to friends adds +1 for each Snap. 
  • Opening Snaps from friends adds +1 for each Snap.
  • Chatting in groups, sending/opening text Snaps, posting/viewing Stories all activities earn +1 per Snap.

Essentially, any type of Snap activity from you or friends contributes to your overall Snap score. It tallies up all your lifetime Snaps sent and received with no limit. The more you all Snap, the higher your scores will climb as you constantly earn +1 points for Snapping.

Does Your Snap Score Freeze if You Check It Too Much? 

No, checking your Snapchat score very frequently does not cause your score to freeze or get stuck. Some users speculate that Snapchat may intentionally freeze scores that are checked obsessively. But this isn’t true – Snapchat does not limit how often you can view your score. There are also no penalties applied if you check your score repeatedly. Your Snap score simply continues increasing in real-time as you send and receive Snaps per usual. Constantly refreshing and monitoring your score just allows you to watch this background increase happening live. 

If your score seems frozen, it’s likely just a temporary display glitch that will resolve on its own. You can check your Snapchat score as often as you want without repercussions. The number will keep steadily going up as long as you actively use Snapchat.

Does Ghost Mode Hide Your Snap Score from Others? 

Yes, turning on Ghost Mode in Snapchat’s settings is an effective way to hide your Snap score from being publicly visible to other Snapchat users. When Ghost Mode is enabled, your total Snap count will be hidden from public view on your profile. Instead of a number, people will just see a dash symbol where your score normally appears. This can make it seem like your Snap score is frozen or paused. 

However, Ghost Mode only hides your score snapshot from others – your actual Snap score will still continue increasing at the normal rate as you use Snapchat daily. Your real Snap tally is not frozen, paused, or stopped behind the scenes. Think of it as a “soft freeze” – your score is private but still ticking up. The exception is you can still see the scores of existing Friends while in Ghost Mode yourself.

Is Snapchat Removing Snap Streaks? 

Is Snapchat Removing Snap Streaks

No, Snapchat is not getting rid of or removing Snap streaks. This is just a rumor that periodically spreads among Snapchat users, but Snap streaks remain a core Snapchat feature. Snap streaks track the number of consecutive days you’ve snapped with each friend, displaying special flame emojis to represent active streaks. 

Back in 2022, some confusing Snapchat profile changes led to speculation that snap streaks were being removed. However, Snapchat confirmed they were only relocating streaks to the Snap streaks list – not removing them. Beyond that temporary confusion, Snapchat has made no official announcements about any plans to discontinue Snap streaks in the future. They are still frequently used and valued by much of the Snapchat community. As a popular engagement driver, it would not make sense for Snapchat to eliminate snap streak tracking and counting. 

Can You Hide Your Snapchat Snap Score? Steps to Follow 

Can You Hide Your Snapchat Snap Score? Steps to Follow 

Yes, you can hide your Snapchat score using these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Privacy Controls > Ghost Mode to make your score private. 

2. Use a third-party app like AppLock to password protect Snapchat. Enable options to hide previews and your score.

3. Temporarily change your Snapchat username. This hides it from those who don’t have you added.

4. Delete and re-add specific friends to reset score visibility for them.

Note that these will only hide your score from being seen – your number will still increase as usual when you use Snapchat. But by hiding your score snapshot, you can essentially “freeze” what’s publicly displayed without interrupting your actual Snapchat usage and interactions.

How Long Does a Snap Score Freeze For? 

Since Snapchat doesn’t have an official feature to completely freeze your Snap score, there isn’t a set duration that your score can be paused or stopped for. Some third-party apps claim they can freeze your score, but Snapchat hasn’t confirmed any effective score freezing methods. If your Snap score seems stuck at one number and isn’t increasing, it’s likely just a minor visual glitch that will resolve itself soon. Your friends might also notice their own scores appear momentarily frozen at times. 

But again, this is just a display error. Their counts will begin ticking up accurately again soon. Because Snapchat is designed to continually increase your score as you actively use the app, there is no way to freeze your Snap score for any specific time period. The number will keep adding points as long as you’re sending and receiving Snaps.


1. Is there a way to lock your Snap score? 

No, Snapchat does not offer a way to lock or freeze your score. 

2. Why can I not see someone’s Snap score? 

If you can’t see someone’s score, they likely have you blocked, have their score hidden in Ghost Mode, or changed their username temporarily.

3. Can you see who someone is Snapchatting? 

No, there is no default way to see who someone is actively Snapchatting with on the platform. Snapchat conversations are private between users.


In summary, Snapchat currently does not have an official feature to let you fully freeze, pause, or stop your Snap score from increasing. Your score is designed to automatically count up in real-time as you send and receive Snaps daily. While some limited workarounds like Ghost Mode can hide your score from public view, your actual number keeps ticking up behind the scenes. Snapchat Plus also does not offer any Snap score freezing capabilities. If seeing your perpetually increasing score causes you stress, limiting your Snapchat usage and interactions is the only true way to prevent your tally from going up. 

Freezing your displayed score snapshot may be Freezing your displayed score snapshot may be possible with certain score hiding techniques. But keep in mind this only hides your score visually – your actual count still increases with normal use of Snapchat. The score is designed to serve as a cumulative lifetime tally of all your Snapchat activity and engagement.

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