How To Hide Your Snapchat Score From Friends?

In today’s interconnected world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Platforms like Snapchat allow us to connect with friends, share moments, and keep up with each other’s lives. However, sometimes, we may feel the need for a little privacy.

If you’re someone who values belonging but also desires control over your online presence, you may be wondering how to hide your Snapchat score from friends. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will explore various methods to ensure that your Snapchat score remains discreet, allowing you to maintain your desired level of privacy without compromising your sense of belonging. So, let’s dive in and discover how to protect your Snapchat score from prying eyes.

Key Takeaways

  • Hiding your Snapchat score can be done by using Snapchat+ or by decreasing your score manually.
  • Limiting your contacts on Snapchat is an effective way to control who can see your Snapchat score.
  • Adjusting your profile visibility settings can help maintain privacy and control who can see your Snapchat score.
  • Using Ghost Mode can further enhance privacy and safety by completely hiding your location and activities on Snapchat.

Hiding Your Score

To hide your Snapchat score from friends, you can utilize the settings within the app. Open Snapchat and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner. Then, tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to access the settings menu. Scroll down and find the ‘Who Can…’ section. From there, select ‘See My Score’ and choose ‘Only Me.’ This will ensure that your Snapchat score remains hidden from your friends.

Limiting Contacts on Snapchat

Limiting Contacts on Snapchat

To further control your privacy on Snapchat, you can limit your contacts on the app. By doing so, you can choose who can see your snaps and interact with you on the platform. To limit contacts on Snapchat, go to the settings menu and select ‘Who Can Contact Me’.

From there, you can choose between ‘Everyone’, ‘My Friends’, or ‘Custom’. This feature allows you to have more control over your Snapchat experience and ensure that only the people you trust can connect with you.

Removing or Blocking Friends

When it comes to managing your privacy on Snapchat, one effective method is to remove or block friends from your contacts list. This allows you to have control over who can see your snaps and access your personal information. Here are five benefits of removing or blocking friends on Snapchat:

  • Maintain privacy: By removing or blocking friends, you can ensure that only the people you trust have access to your content.
  • Avoid unwanted interactions: Removing or blocking friends allows you to avoid any unwanted messages or snaps from specific individuals.
  • Reduce distractions: Removing or blocking friends can help you stay focused on the people who matter most to you on Snapchat.
  • Create a safe environment: By removing or blocking friends, you can create a safer online space for yourself, free from any potential harassment or negativity.
  • Manage your social circle: Removing or blocking friends gives you the power to curate your Snapchat contacts and only keep those who you have genuine connections with.

Profile Visibility Settings

Profile visibility settings play a crucial role in managing the level of privacy and control you have over your Snapchat account. These settings allow you to determine who can see your profile, including your username, Bitmoji, and other details. By customizing your profile visibility, you can ensure that only desired individuals have access to your personal information. The table below outlines the different profile visibility options available on Snapchat:

Visibility Setting Description
Everyone Your profile is visible to all Snapchat users
Friends Only Only your friends can see your profile
My Friends Except… You can choose specific friends who won’t be able to see your profile
Only These Friends You can select specific friends who will be able to see your profile
Custom Allows you to customize your profile visibility based on various criteria

Viewing Someone’s Snapchat Score

Snapchat Score Visibility

When it comes to viewing someone’s Snapchat score, it’s important to understand how the platform works. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Snapchat scores are visible to everyone unless the user has chosen to hide their score.
  • To view someone’s Snapchat score, simply go to their profile and look for the number next to their username.
  • The score represents the total number of snaps sent and received by the user.
  • Keep in mind that the score does not necessarily indicate the user’s activity or engagement on the platform.
  • Remember to respect other users’ privacy settings and avoid making judgments based solely on their Snapchat score.

Decreasing Your Snapchat Score

Decreasing Your Snapchat Score

To decrease your Snapchat score, you can take specific actions to reduce the number of snaps sent and received. Here are some strategies to lower your score:

Action Description Impact
Send fewer snaps Limit the number of snaps you send daily. Decreases your score
Delete chats Clear your chat history to remove the snaps from your score. Reduces your score
Unfriend inactive users Remove friends who no longer use Snapchat. Decreases your score

Using Snapchat+ to Hide Score

One effective method for concealing your Snapchat score from friends is by utilizing Snapchat+. This third-party app offers additional features and customization options, including the ability to hide your score. Here are five benefits of using Snapchat+ to hide your score:

  • Maintain privacy and keep your score hidden from prying eyes.
  • Avoid judgment or comparisons from friends based on your score.
  • Maintain a sense of mystery and intrigue by keeping your score a secret.
  • Control the information you share and maintain a level of discretion.
  • Enjoy a more personalized Snapchat experience by customizing your settings.

Increasing Your Snapchat Score

To increase your Snapchat score, engage with the app regularly and interact with your friends’ content. Send snaps, reply to stories, and chat with your friends to earn points. Posting your own stories and sharing interesting content can also help boost your score.

Additionally, participating in Snapchat challenges and games can earn you bonus points. Remember, the more active you are on the app, the higher your score will be, showcasing your engagement and presence within the Snapchat community.

Avoiding Revealing Your Score

Maintaining privacy in your Snapchat activity includes concealing your score from friends. Here are some effective ways to avoid revealing your score:

  • Turn off the Snapchat score feature in your settings.
  • Limit the visibility of your score to ‘Only Me.’
  • Avoid sending snaps to friends who frequently check scores.
  • Disable the ‘Quick Add’ feature to prevent others from seeing your score.
  • Be selective about accepting friend requests from people you don’t know well.

Now, let’s move on to the next section and learn about using ghost mode to enhance your privacy on Snapchat.

Using Ghost Mode

Using Ghost Mode

“To further enhance your privacy on Snapchat, one effective method is to utilize Ghost Mode, especially if you’re concerned about your Zodiac Sign on Snapchat. This feature allows you to hide your location from other users, ensuring that your movements are not visible on the Snap Map. By enabling Ghost Mode, you can control who sees your location and maintain a sense of privacy. Take a look at the table below to understand how Ghost Mode works:

Feature Description Benefits
Ghost Mode Hides your location from other users on Snapchat’s Snap Map Maintains your privacy and prevents others from tracking your movements
Custom Settings Allows you to choose specific friends who can see your location Gives you control over who can access your whereabouts
Temporary Mode Lets you hide your location for a specific time period Provides flexibility and convenience when you want to maintain privacy temporarily


Can I Hide My Snapchat Score From Specific Friends While Still Displaying It to Others?

Yes, it is possible to hide your Snapchat score from specific friends while still displaying it to others. Snapchat offers a privacy setting that allows you to customize who can see your score.

Will Removing or Blocking a Friend on Snapchat Automatically Hide My Score From Them?

Removing or blocking a friend on Snapchat does not automatically hide your score from them. The score is visible to all your friends unless you specifically choose to hide it using the privacy settings in your Snapchat account.

How Can I View Someone’s Snapchat Score Without Them Knowing That I’ve Seen It?

To view someone’s Snapchat score without them knowing, you can use third-party apps or websites that claim to offer this functionality. However, it is important to note that using such methods may violate Snapchat’s terms of service and jeopardize your account’s security.


In conclusion, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily hide your Snapchat score from your friends. Additionally, by utilizing features such as limiting contacts, removing or blocking friends, and adjusting profile visibility settings, you can further control who sees your score.

Furthermore, using Snapchat+ can provide an additional layer of protection. Remember to increase your score strategically and avoid revealing it to maintain your privacy. Finally, utilizing Ghost Mode can also help you stay hidden while using the app.

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