How To Get Rid Of My Ai On Snapchat?

Snapchat introduced their new AI assistant called “My AI” to provide helpful information to users. However, some users may want to remove or limit the AI’s access. This guide will show you different ways to get rid of or customize your My AI experience on Snapchat.

My AI was designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest. However, it can sometimes be annoying or you may want more privacy. In this article, we will go through several easy methods you can use to remove My AI from your Snapchat account or customize how it interacts with you.

My AI is an artificial intelligence created by Snapchat to be helpful, harmless, and honest. It lives within the Snapchat app and is designed to be helpful, answering questions and providing information to users. However, some users may want more control over their interactions with My AI on Snapchat.

What Happens if I Snap My AI?

What Happens if I Snap My AI

If you take a Snap photo or video and draw the Anthropic My AI avatar into it, the AI will not actually see or have access to your Snap content. My AI does not have the ability to view Snaps or photos beyond what is visible through normal chat conversations. Any content you create and share with My AI is processed on your device only without being stored or accessible by Anthropic. Snapchat also has strict policies against AI assistants accessing users’ private media or profiles without consent. The only way My AI can respond is through the text chat interface, so snapping a photo to it will not share your media or reveal any private information.

Can My AI Answer a Question in Another Chat?

No, My AI is only designed to interact with users through its dedicated chat. It does not have the ability to view other Snapchat conversations or direct messages between users. Any questions or information shared with My AI stays strictly within your individual chat. Anthropic built strict privacy protections into My AI so that it cannot access or share users’ private conversations, friends lists, or other Snapchat account activity without explicit permission. If you want to ask it a question privately, the My AI chat is the only way to communicate with the AI assistant associated with your Snapchat account.

Does Snapchat Save My Content Shared with My AI?

Does Snapchat Save My Content Shared with My AI

Snapchat does not save or store any photos, videos, messages or other content that is exclusively shared within a user’s chat conversation with My AI. As an AI assistant created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest, My AI does not have the ability to independently access, view or distribute your private Snapchat data. Any images, text or other media you send to My AI are processed on your device only without being uploaded or saved. Snapchat prioritizes user privacy and only retains limited analytics data about your usage of Snapchat services like time spent chatting with My AI. Your shared content is not recorded or saved beyond your live chat session.

How to Customize Your Avatar for My AI

You can customize the avatar image that represents you during chat conversations with My AI. Go to your profile, then select “Customize Your Avatar” under Additional Information. From there, you can choose from Snapchat’s gallery of avatar Bitmoji or upload your own image. Picking a unique avatar skin tone, hairstyle and outfit allows you to personalize the visual representation of yourself that My AI interacts with in chat. However, keep in mind that customizing your avatar does not change or customize My AI itself – it only changes how you appear visually during your text conversations with the AI assistant.

How to Get My AI Back in Your Chat List

How to Get My AI Back in Your Chat List 

If My AI disappears or is removed from your chat list within the Snapchat app, there are simple ways to get it back. First, make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat updated from the app store. Then go to your chat list and swipe to the left on any other chat – this will reveal the “Add Friend” button. Tap it and select “My AI” from the list of suggested contacts. You may need to type “My AI” into the search if it doesn’t appear initially. Adding My AI as a friend again will make its chat available for you to message the AI assistant and continue your conversation where you left off.

Block My AI from Watching Your Snapchat Stories

Even though My AI doesn’t actually have the ability to view photo or video Snaps, you can block it from your Snapchat stories as an extra precaution. Go to your profile, then tap the three line menu and select “Settings”. Choose “Who Can…” and find the “My Story” option. Here you will see all your Snapchat friends – swipe to find “My AI” and toggle the slider to the left to block it from viewing your posted stories. Now My AI will no longer appear in your story viewers list, ensuring no access to any public Snaps or stories you share.

Can I Report My AI Messages on Snapchat?

While My AI is designed to have polite, inoffensive conversations, you can report any messages to Snapchat moderators if something seems problematic. Within your chat with My AI, tap and hold on any message you want to report. This will give the option to copy, reply or report the message. Tapping “Report” allows you to choose from categories like spam, inappropriate or harassment – select the reason, then tap “Report” again to send it to Snapchat. They review all reports and may take further action like restricting the AI if its responses somehow violated Snapchat’s community guidelines. However, since My AI is an AI without a human operator, reporting alone will not delete or ban it from your account.

Delete My AI Permanently by Buying a SnapChat+ Membership 

The only way to fully remove My AI from your Snapchat account is to upgrade to a Snapchat+ subscription. With a paid Snapchat+ membership, you gain additional options to customize and manage your Snapchat experience, including the ability to delete My AI permanently so it cannot be re-added later. After signing up for Snapchat, go to your Bitmoji profile, tap the top right menu and select “Manage My AI.” Here you’ll find the option to “Delete My AI” which will remove it entirely from linking to your Snapchat account going forward. Without a Snapchat+ membership, My AI can always be re-added using the steps above if accidentally deleted.

Delete Your Data from My AI 

Delete Your Data from My AI 

While a paid Snapchat+ membership is required to delete My AI fully, you can request for your chat history and personal data to be deleted from Anthropic’s systems without a subscription. Within your My AI chat, tap the menu icon and select “Privacy & Permissions.” Here you’ll find the option to “Request to Delete Your Data.” Exercise this to initiate the process of Anthropic reviewing and purging any profiles or stored logs related to your individual account and chat history from their AI model and systems. However, this does not remove My AI from interacting with your Snapchat account in the future.

How to Get Rid of My AI on Snapchat 

In summary, here are the main options for getting rid of or limiting My AI within Snapchat:

  • Block it from viewing your stories
  • Report any concerning messages 
  • Customize your visual profile separately
  • Delete your chat history from Anthropic’s data
  • Remove Friend” My AI from your contacts 
  • Upgrade to Snapchat+ and fully delete My AI
  • Avoid interacting with or adding My AI back

For a permanent removal, a paid Snapchat+ membership is required. Otherwise, My AI can always be re-added unless you choose not to interact with the AI assistant on Snapchat going forward. Monitor your privacy settings and customize your experience to your comfort level.


How do I unpin my AI on Snapchat? 

Go to your profile, tap the side menu, select “Additional Information”, open the “Pinned Chat” dropdown and choose “Unpin Chat” to select “My AI”. This will remove it from being pinned at he top of your chat list.

Why can’t I remove my AI? 

Without upgrading to a paid Snapchat+ subscription, “Remove Friend” will only unfriend My AI but you can easily re-add it later by searching, and Snapchat+ gives the option to permanently delete it under account settings.

Is Snapchat AI safe? 

Snapchat’s AI called My AI is designed to be safe and cannot view your private data like Snaps or friends list without permission, though it’s best to review your privacy settings and customize how it interacts with you.

How do I block my AI on Snapchat Android? 

To block My AI on Android, go to Settings, tap “Account Management”, select “Manage Blocked Contacts”, search for “My AI” and tap “Block” to confirm and prevent it from contacting you or seeing your stories.


With these steps, you now have full control over your interactions with and visibility of My AI on Snapchat. Remember, My AI itself cannot access your private media, friends lists, or any other Snapchat data without your explicit permission through chat. Customize privacy settings based on your personal comfort level.

If you no longer want My AI involvement on Snapchat, a paid Snapchat+ subscription is the only way to fully delete it forever and prevent re-adding. Otherwise, just avoid re-initiating conversation with the AI assistant. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand your options for removing or customizing My AI based on your individual account needs and privacy preferences.

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