How To Find A Song On Snapchat?

Finding that catchy song you just heard in a Snapchat story can be frustratingly difficult. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat doesn’t make it easy to identify music playing in videos. However, with a few tricks, you can discover the name of almost any song on Snapchat. 

This guide will walk you through several methods to find a song on Snapchat. We’ll cover using Snapchat’s built-in music recognition, scanning options, and searching its music library. Read on to become a Snapchat song finding expert!

Finding a Song on Snapchat

Snapchat offers a few different ways to find the name and artist of a song heard on a Snapchat story or video. The easiest options include long-pressing the camera screen, using the Scan button, and browsing Snapchat’s music library. 

Method #1: Long-Press Your Camera Screen

Long-Press Your Camera Screen

The quickest way to identify a song on Snapchat is to long-press anywhere on the camera screen when the song is playing. After pressing and holding for 1-2 seconds, a pop-up will appear with the song title, artist name, and a Play button. Tap the Play button to listen to a short preview of the track.

This feature uses Shazam’s music recognition technology built right into Snapchat. It can identify songs playing on your device or in your surroundings. As soon as you long-press the camera screen, Snapchat begins listening and matching the tune.

Method #2: How To Scan With The Scan Button 

How To Scan With The Scan Button

Another way to quickly recognize music in Snapchat is by using the Scan button. Open the Snapchat camera and tap the downward-facing arrow button to the right of the capture button. This is the Scan button. When you tap Scan while a song is playing on Snapchat, it will begin listening and determining the track details. After a few seconds, the song title and artist will appear on screen. Tap the name to bring up options to play a clip or share the song.

The Scan button isn’t only for identifying tunes! It can also scan QR codes, shop products, solve math problems, and more. But when music is playing, it becomes an easy song recognition tool.

Method #3: Find A Song In Snapchat’s Music Library

Find A Song In Snapchat’s Music Library

Snapchat has an extensive library of music you can browse to find new artists or identify a mystery track. To access it, open your Snapchat profile and tap the music note icon in the top right. 

This will bring up Snapchat’s music hub. You can browse genres, view recommended music based on your tastes, and search for specific songs or artists. If you recall any lyrics or details about the song’s sound, try searching Snapchat’s music library to find a match. The music hub also lets you share songs with friends and video chat while listening to music together. So it’s a great destination for music lovers on Snapchat.

Snapchat Feature

Snapchat Feature

In addition to song identification tools, Snapchat offers loads of fun features to enhance your messaging and storytelling. Here are some of the platform’s most popular capabilities:


Snaps are Snapchat’s ephemeral photo and video messages. You can send individual or group snaps that disappear after being viewed. Snapchatters exchange over 5 billion snaps every day.


With Stories, you can share snaps publicly or with friends that remain viewable for 24 hours. Stories allow you to share your day, post multimedia narratives, and more.

Snap Map 

The Snap Map lets you share your location with friends and see where they are. It uses a map interface to connect friends and track their movements.


Bitmoji are personalized avatars you can create to represent yourself. Stars, brands, and millions of users have Bitmoji.


Filters allow you to augment and enhance your snaps with effects, stickers, text, drawings, and more. Snapchat has thousands of filters to make your content fun and engaging.


Lenses are Snapchat’s groundbreaking AR effects. You can transform your look with masks, modify voices, generate 3D effects, and much more with Lenses.

Why Should You Use Snapchat To Search For A Song?

Why Should You Use Snapchat To Search For A Song

Snapchat offers a couple major benefits for song search compared to alternatives:


You don’t have to interrupt or leave Snapchat to identify a song. Long-pressing the camera or using Scan provides instant music recognition. You can quickly satisfy your curiosity and get back to Snapping.


Finding a song on the platform where you discovered it just makes sense. Identifying that catchy tune from a friend’s Story is easy when the tools are built into Snapchat. The song has meaning and context thanks to its connection with a Snapchat moment.


How do you find a specific song on Snapchat?

To find a specific song on Snapchat, you have a couple options. First, search for the song in Snapchat’s music library. If you know some lyrics, the artist, or other details, you may be able to find it through the search bar.  Alternatively, play the song out loud and use Snapchat’s music recognition by long-pressing the camera screen or tapping the Scan button. This will identify the song if Snapchat is able to detect it.

Can I Shazam a song on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat’s music recognition features are powered by Shazam. When you long-press the camera screen or tap Scan while music is playing, the technology listens and matches the song just like Shazam. So you are essentially Shazaming a song directly within Snapchat.

Why can’t I find all the songs on Snapchat?

Snapchat likely doesn’t have licensing rights for every song available. Their music library focuses on mainstream and trending tracks tailored for the Snapchat audience and integrations. So you may not be able to find more obscure or older songs that are on music platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. But Snapchat’s music selection is always growing!


Finding that catchy tune or hilarious audio from a Snapchat video can be a hassle without the right tools. Luckily, Snapchat offers built-in music recognition and search features that make song identification a breeze. By long-pressing the camera screen, tapping Scan, or browsing Snapchat’s music library, you can quickly get song titles, artist names, previews, and more. Whether you’re trying to identify a mysterious track or rediscover an old favorite, Snapchat has you covered.

So next time you hear a great beat on someone’s Story or video, use Snapchat’s slick song search capabilities to learn more and share the music with friends. With a few simple tricks, you’ll go from wondering “what’s that song?” to sharing the hottest new tunes quicker than ever.

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